Hydrogen compressor connecting rod and crosshead

2020-06-02 22:00:19 keepwin

Connecting rod 

Hydrogen compressor connecting rod

The connecting rod is divided into two parts: connecting rod body and connecting rod big end bush cover, which are connected into a whole by two tensile bolts. The connecting rod big end bush is split type. The material of bush back is carbon steel. The bush surface is bearing alloy. The two ends are flanged for axial positioning. The inner surface of big end hole is inlaid with cylindrical pin, which is used for radial positioning of big end bush to prevent the Bush from rotating. The connecting rod small end and small end bush are integral type, and the bush material is bush material. The material is tin bronze.

The connecting rod body is drilled with oil holes along the axial direction of the rod body and connected with the back ring grooves of the big and small head pads. The lubricating oil can be lubricated through the ring grooves and the radial oil holes on the bearing pads to realize the lubrication of the crosshead pin and the crank pin.

In order to ensure the safe and reliable transmission of alternating load, the connecting rod bolt must have enough pre tightening force. The pre tightening force is guaranteed by the elongation after the connecting rod bolt is tightened. Under the required initial pressure, the elongation is 0.65 ± 0.05mm,

The outer diameter of the shaft sleeve must be tightly pressed with the connecting rod body and shall be fully fitted.

The connecting rod body and big head tile cover are forged with high-quality carbon steel, and the connecting rod bolts are made of alloy structural steel.

The screw hole at the connecting rod big end tile cover is the hole for hoisting during disassembly and assembly. After assembly, the eyebolt shall be removed


Hydrogen compressor crosshead

The crosshead is a two-sided cylinder-shaped combined structure. The crosshead body and the upper and lower two detachable sliding shoes are located by mortise and groove, and connected into a whole with screws. The adjustment gasket is installed between the slide shoes and the crosshead. Because the crosshead on both sides of the fuselage is under the opposite direction of lateral force, in order to ensure the concentricity of the crosshead and the piston rod during operation, the manufacturer has adjusted the number of the gasket between the crosshead and the slide shoes under the opposite force during assembly. The user should not change the crosshead or increase or decrease the gasket at will during installation and maintenance.

The crosshead body material is cast steel, the upper and lower shoe backing material is carbon steel, bearing alloy is hung on the pressure bearing surface, and oil groove is opened to facilitate the distribution of lubricating oil.

The crosshead pin in the product is a straight pin, which is installed and fixed in the crosshead pin hole. The axial and radial oil holes are distributed in the pin body for lubricating oil transportation.