Process Gas Reciprocating Compressor Part Manufacture for Cross head exploded figure

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Process Gas Reciprocating Compressor Part Manufacture for Cross head exploded figure 

 cross head hydraulic connection and fastening device

The hydraulic connecting and fastening device is used for connecting the piston rod and crosshead body, which is mainly composed of the connecting device and the fastening device.

Principle: after connecting the piston rod and crosshead by connecting the fastening device, inject 150MPa pressure oil into the pressure body of the fastening device with the manual ultra-high pressure oil pump attached with the product, push the piston by using the incompressible property of the liquid, force the end of the piston rod to produce elastic tensile deformation, and then lock the lock nut to release the oil pressure, so as to achieve the connection Connect the required preload.

Attention shall be paid during connection and pressurization: the pressure of the oil pump shall not exceed 150MPa, and the whole process of tightening can be completed only after three times, with an interval of 1 hour each time, the oil pressure shall be supplemented to 150MPa, and the method of tightening each time is the same.

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