Hydrogen compressor body and crankshaft

2020-06-01 22:33:23 keepwin

Compressor body

The crankcase and the middle body form a counter-rotating compressor body. Crosshead slides are set on the middle body on both sides, and the top is open type, which is convenient for the installation of the main bearing, crankshaft and connecting rod. Square holes are provided on both sides of the crosshead slideway for installation and maintenance of the crosshead. The top opening is an integral cover and is equipped with a respirator to allow the atmosphere inside into the crank case. The bottom volume the crank case is used as an oil pool to store lubricating oil.

The main bearing adopts a sliding bearing, which is a split upper and lower split structure, the back of the tile is carbon steel material, and the tile surface is a bearing alloy. The two ends of the main bearing are positioned to flang, which is used to achieve the axial positioning of the main bearing in the bearing housing; Attention should be paid to the correct position of the upper and lower bearings during installation. The bearing cover is provided with lifting screw holes and light holes for installing temperature measuring elements.

 Compressor body


A crank of crankshaft is mainly composed of three parts: main journal, crank pin and crank arm, and its relative stagger angle is 180o.

The power input end of crankshaft is equipped with a coupling, and the input torque is transmitted through the coupling and bolt. The axial positioning of the crankshaft is completed by the positioning table on the first main journal of the power input end and the end face support (positioning ring), so as to prevent the axial movement of the crankshaft, and the positioning end has the axial thermal expansion clearance.

Hydrogen compressor crankshaft

The crankshaft is a whole solid structure forged from steel parts. No oil holes are drilled in the shaft to reduce stress concentration.