Hydrogen compressor compressor unit Sealing packing

2020-06-04 03:00:09 keepwin

Hydrogen compressor sealing pcaking

The sealing packing is composed of an array of sealing elements, each group of sealing elements is mainly composed of a choke ring, a tangential sealing ring, a choke ring and a tension spring. In order to reduce the work load of each group of sealing elements, when the sealing pressure is high, a throttle ring is arranged near the cylinder side.

When the sealing gas is inflammable and explosive, a leakage recovery hole is arranged in the sealing packing to collect the leaking gas and lead it to the treatment system.

Hydrogen compressor sealing packing

When there is oil lubrication, there is an oil filling hole in the sealing packing, which can be injected with compressor oil for lubrication. When there is no oil lubrication, there is no oil filling hole.

There are two structure types of sealing packing: through water cooling and through water cooling. When through water cooling, a cooling water chamber is set outside the packing box. When the sealing packing is installed on the cylinder seat with cooling water chamber, the through water cooling structure type is adopted. The machine adopts water cooling mode.

Each packing box is equipped with a group of sealing elements, which are composed of a gas stop ring, a tangential ring and a flow stop ring. The sealing element material is divided into copper alloy or filled with polytetrafluoroethylene plastic ring. The copper ring is only used for oil lubrication occasions, and the plastic ring is suitable for oil or no oil occasions. This machine adopts polytetrafluoroethylene plastic ring.