GL70 oxygen diaphragm compressor structure

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Cylinder block components (see Atlas)

The cylinder block of keepwin compressor consists of cylinder head, diaphragm compressor, cylinder block and other main parts. The diaphragm is clamped between the cylinder head and the cylinder block. There is a special curved surface on the cylinder head and the cylinder block. The curved surface of the cylinder head and the diaphragm form the air cavity. The cylinder head is equipped with inlet and exhaust valves, which are located in the center of the cylinder head. The cylinder block is evenly distributed with oil holes, so that the oil pressure in the cylinder is evenly transmitted to the diaphragm.

GL70  oxygen diaphragm compressor structure

Pressure regulating valve

The pressure regulating valve is mainly composed of valve seat, valve, valve body, hand wheel, spring and other main parts.

The force of the pressure regulating valve spring controls the oil pressure of the cylinder. When the oil pressure is higher than the specified value, the adjusting screw can be turned anticlockwise to loosen the spring; when the oil pressure is lower than the specified value, the adjusting screw can be turned clockwise to compress the spring; when the oil cylinder is refueled or drained, the hand wheel can be screwed to the outermost end of the pressure regulating valve. The oil pressure of the oil cylinder should always be 15-20% higher than the exhaust pressure.

GL70  oxygen diaphragm compressor structure

Compensation oil pump

The compensation oil pump is mainly composed of plunger, spring, oil inlet valve, oil drain valve and other main parts. The eccentric sleeve installed at the end of the crankshaft makes the plunger reciprocating compressor. The stroke of the plunger is 5mm, and the stroke times are the same as that of the crankshaft. When the plunger moves upward, the hydraulic oil with the pressure of 0.3-0.8mpa is supplied by the shaft head pump and injected into the make-up oil pump through the oil inlet valve; when the plunger moves downward, the hydraulic oil is discharged through the oil drain valve and the hydraulic oil leaked from the gap between the plunger and the plunger sleeve is returned to the crankcase through the oil return hole on the compensation oil pump.

Oil pressure detection mechanism

The oil cylinder oil drain pressure detection mechanism is composed of shock proof pressure gauge, single direction valve, oil drain valve and relevant pipelines on the instrument panel. The case of the shock proof pressure gauge is completely sealed, filled with damping liquid, and the internal mechanism is all immersed in damping liquid. Through the viscous effect of damping liquid, the indicator pin is stable. The oil drain valve is installed under the pressure gauge to discharge the residual air in the oil pipe It can also be used for light load start and stop. The front of the drain valve is equipped with a check valve, which is connected with the oil chamber through a pipeline.  

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