Hydrogen compressor compressor unit connecting cylinder

2020-06-03 10:00:53 keepwin

Connecting cylinder

Hydrogen compressor compressor unit connecting cylinder

The connecting cylinder is a cylinder structure made of cast iron, which can be divided into two types: single compartment and double compartment. For the compression of flammable, explosive or toxic media, the double compartment type is adopted, and the middle compartment is equipped with intermediate sealing filler to prevent the leakage gas in the cylinder from entering the fuselage. The top of each chamber is equipped with a vent, and the bottom is equipped with a drain valve. The chamber on the cylinder side is equipped with nitrogen filling, air leakage recovery, oil injection, cooling water connecting flanges and joints as required for connection with the external pipeline. The leakage gas of the main packing and the leakage gas in the short middle body can be discharged to the safety area through the external pipeline. The nitrogen in the long-term body can be continuously replaced through the external pipeline. The single compartment connecting cylinder is not provided with intermediate sealing packing and nitrogen filling port, and other interfaces are set as required.

There are windows on both sides of the connecting barrel for easy installation and maintenance. The oil scraper shall be installed at the concave bulkhead on the side of the fuselage. The connection between the connecting barrel and the fuselage and the cylinder shall be positioned with a stop. The sealing of the positioning surface shall be sealed with sealant or gasket.