Why OIl Free Oxygen Compressor ?

2022-04-25 22:22:37 keepwin

Oil-free oxygen compressor (hereinafter referred to as compressor) a single acting, water-cooled reciprocating piston type compressor. This compressor does not need to add lubricating oil and will not pollute the compressed oxygen gas. It was designed as fully sealed structure and no leakage operation. All bearing parts added with special lubricating grease to ensure the durability of the compressor.


No polluted to the oxygen gas

Easy operation and installation

Easy maintenance

Low maintenance cost


Cylinder filling

          Using Oxygen in the Glass Industry

          Application of Oxygen in Municipal Solid Waste Gasification and Gas-liquid System

          Application of Oxygen in Metal Oxidation

        Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressor

The compressor is composed of compressor body, motor, instrument and electrical control elements.

In operation station, the compressor was driven by the motor V-belt to make the crankshaft producing a rotational movement, and the piston reciprocates through the connecting rod. With the changes of the cylinder volume, the oxygen pressure in the cylinder is increased. Then the oxygen gas flows through the exhaust valve, check valve and pipe stocked into the buffer tank, for using.