• Process Gas Reciprocating Compressor Part Manufacture for Cross head exploded figure

    Process Gas Reciprocating Compressor Part Manufacture for Cross head exploded figure The hydraulic connecting and fastening device is used for connecting the piston rod and crosshead body, which is ma

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  • Why does air compressor need to be compressed in stages?

    Many people know that two stages of compressor are suitable for high pressure production and one stage is suitable for large gas production. Sometimes, more than two times of compression are needed. W

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  • Hydrogen compressor valve

    ValveThe air valve is mainly composed of valve seat, valve cover (lift limiter), valve plate and spring (mesh valve and buffer plate and lift pad). The valve spring is made of stainless and acid resis

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  • Hydrogen compressor compressor unit Sealing packing

    Hydrogen compressor sealing pcakingThe sealing packing is composed of an array of sealing elements, each group of sealing elements is mainly composed of a choke ring, a tangential sealing ring, a chok

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  • Hydrogen compressor compressor unit piston

    Hydrogen comperssor PistonThe piston component is composed of piston body, piston rod, piston nut, piston ring, supporting ring and other parts. Each piston body is equipped with different numbers of

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  • Hydrogen compressor compressor unit connecting cylinder

    Connecting cylinderThe connecting cylinder is a cylinder structure made of cast iron, which can be divided into two types: single compartment and double compartment. For the compression of flammable,

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  • Hydrogen compressor connecting rod and crosshead

    Connecting rod The connecting rod is divided into two parts: connecting rod body and connecting rod big end bush cover, which are connected into a whole by two tensile bolts. The connecting rod big en

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  • Hydrogen compressor body and crankshaft

    Compressor bodyThe crankcase and the middle body form a counter-rotating compressor body. Crosshead slides are set on the middle body on both sides, and the top is open type, which is convenient for t

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