Do You Know Where Does Air Compressors Are Used For?

2022-11-03 22:29:24 keepwin

How Many Usages Of Air Compressors Do You Know ? Let's See

First  Jet Force

1. Blow up the object

⑴ Blowing:

Painting - Metal, Furniture, Automotive, Woodworking

Spraying - agriculture, medicine

Spray - Agriculture, Woodworking, Artificial Snow, Cleaning

Lubricating oil spray - precision machinery

Spray cleaning agent - machining, cleaning

⑵ Powder spraying:

Shotcrete - Civil Engineering

Sandblasting - Surface Finishing - Metal, Woodworking, Fiber

Spray grouting - civil engineering, construction

Inkjet - printing, photography

Glass processing - glass industry, decoration

2. Make an object move

⑴ Air pump:

Dental drilling

Air Tools, Air Grinders - Metalworking, Pressurized Concrete

⑵ Cleaning:

Sheet metal

Ultra-high-speed machine tools - machining

Die - Die Manufacturer

Cleaning, cutting, various industries

Pneumatic presses, air hammers, metal working

Rock peeling machine - civil construction, stone

Piling - Construction

Scond Expansion Force

1. Power

Vibrator - civil construction, bag filter, pneumatic conveying, medicine, food and dust

2. Expansion force

Spot Welding - Automotive, Metalworking

Airlocks - Vehicles, Buildings

Air Cushion - Press Shock Resistant - Metal, Fiber

Hoist - auto repair, cargo transfer

Pressure resistance - metal processing, workshop construction

Pressure transmission - oil base, food processing, beer, food (alcohol, beverage, milk)

Do you konw where does air compressor are used for

Third Liquid Stirring And Moving

Stirring - water treatment, fermentation

Air lift pump

remove gas from liquid

Reservoir antifreeze

Burner - elbow, steel

Fourth Supplemental Oxygen

Fish farm

Divers, submersible pumps, miners

Fifth Heat Transfer

Prevent overheating during metalworking

Wire Cooling - Wire Factory

Bonding of vinyl, nylon - industries using automatic packaging machines

Sixth Dehumidification

Clean room - electronics, hospital, food industry

Drying of electronic industrial premises

Keeping Humidity - Warehouse Industry

Gas Micrometry

Seventh Flow Changes

Heating, cooling

Automatic control device