Adjustment after installation of air compressor

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Due to the test results of  air keepwin compressor equipment, the technical status of the air compressor and the necessary data for its adjustment are determined.

Therefore, special attention should be paid to the comparison between the obtained indicator diagram and the standard indicator diagram (obtained after the ex factory or unadjusted air compressor runs).

Adjustment after installation of air compressor

---Dust filter and suction pipe

The pressure loss in the suction filter is determined according to the test results of the filter and the indicator diagram shown in Figure 91. As can be seen from the indicator diagram, the actual suction process line is significantly lower than the normal suction process line (indicated by the common line).

Therefore, the production of air compressor will be reduced.

If the pressure loss of the dust filter according to the test exceeds the normal 30%, then the dust filter should be cleaned. Increasing the passage area of the dust filter can also reduce the resistance of the dust filter.

When the speed of air passing through the dust filter is greater than 1.5 m / s, it is necessary to increase the filtering area.

Installing a large diameter suction pipe can reduce the resistance of air movement in the suction pipe to a normal value of 30-50 mm water column. The pipe diameter can be selected according to the drawing line.

At the same time, if the speed of air passing through the valve exceeds 35m / s, it is better to increase the surface of the passage in the valve seat, remove all rough places and sharp angles on the valve seat and lift limiter.


Most of the faults of reciprocating compressor air compressor are caused by destroying the normal air distribution. It increases the pressure in the cylinder, increases the final temperature of the compressed air, reduces the production of the air compressor, increases the electric energy consumed from the network, and forms carbon deposits on the valve and in the cylinder of the air compressor.

---Suction valve

Whether the suction valve works normally or not can be found according to the deviation between the indicator diagram and the standard indicator diagram.

Fig. 92a shows the tested indicator diagram, on which there is no bulge as the starting feature of suction. The compression curve of piston exhaust stroke shifts work, or the expansion curve of air in the clearance volume shifts sharply.

These deviations on the indicator diagram indicate that the tightness of the suction valve is lost: the contact between the valve plate and the valve seat is not well matched or the valve seat is not well matched with the lift limiter, or the screw head is not well matched with the lift limiter, or the fork rod of the pressure opening device often pushes the valve plate away from the valve seat due to the incorrect adjustment of the pressure opening device or the carbon deposit under the valve plate.

For the working air compressor, the airtightness of the suction valve can be found according to whether the temperature of the valve is significantly higher than that of the air compressor cylinder.

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