How To Reduce Noise And Reduce Vibration Of Compressor

2020-10-03 22:00:28 keepwin
Compressor device is an important criterion to evaluate its working reliability. Vibration will lead to loose or broken connections, accelerated wear of parts, increased power consumption of the machine and noise, especially when the unit resonance, the equipment can not operate normally, and even cause serious accidents. Therefore, it is of great significance to solve the vibration problem thoroughly.

"Noise reduction and vibration reduction"

When the new equipment is put into use at the factory, both vibration and noise are acceptable to customers. However, with the accumulation of machine running time, the noise increases (the noise comes from vibration), and the failure rate of the machine increases. Therefore, the service life of the machine is also affected by the vibration of the machine. To avoid the rise of equipment failure rate, it is necessary to reduce the noise and vibration of the machine.

At present, the noise of air compressor is mainly realized by muffler, acoustic tunnel and sound insulation technology

1、 Install the air compressor muffler

The main noise source of the air compressor comes from the intake / exhaust port, so the appropriate intake / exhaust muffler should be selected. The noise spectrum of air compressor inlet shows low frequency characteristics, so the intake muffler should choose impedance composite structure. When the air pressure at the exhaust port is large and the gas flow velocity is high, the small hole muffler should be selected at the exhaust port.

2、 Installation of air compressor anechoic tunnel

Anechoic tunnel is a kind of underground or semi underground tunnel. The tunnel wall is made of bricks with excellent sound absorption performance. The air inlet pipe of the air compressor is connected with the anechoic tunnel, so that the air passes through the anechoic tunnel first, and then enters the air compressor, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing noise.

How To Reduce Noise And Reduce Vibration Of Compressor

3、 Set up acoustic enclosure

The air flow noise can be reduced to less than 80 dB by installing muffler at the inlet / outlet of the air compressor or arranging the noise elimination tunnel. However, in addition to air flow noise, the air compressor also has high mechanical noise and motor noise, which can be effectively eliminated by installing sound insulation cover on the air compressor unit.

4、 Suspended space absorber

In many air compressor rooms, the noise generated will reverberate with the tall and open workshop. At this time, it is necessary to install sound absorbers at the roof of the plant, so as to reduce the noise of the workshop by 3-10 dB and reduce the reverberation time.

The vibration of the compressor is a common problem in the operation of the machine. Serious vibration directly affects the safe operation of the compressor, and there are serious hidden dangers. The correct method should start from the design stage and foundation installation of the compressor, take effective anti vibration and vibration reduction measures, and strengthen vibration reduction from every link to ensure the safe and normal operation of the compressor. To prevent and solve the vibration of the compressor can not only ensure the safety of the compressor, but also improve the efficiency of the compressor and put an end to fire, explosion and other accidents.