Several problems should be paid attention to in the process of boosting pressure of Keepwin air compressor

2020-09-30 22:49:24 keepwin

1) The oil seal system of Keepwin compressor with oil seal system shall be in operation all the time before and during the pressure rise.

The pressure change in the keepwin compressor shall be gradual as much as possible, and shall not be changed suddenly, so as to make the sealing system adjust to the new pressure level smoothly.

The oil seal system can play a lubricating role in the seal ring. If there is no seal oil flow, or if the seal oil pressure is insufficient, the operation of the keepwin compressor will cause serious damage to the seal ring, which may cause gas leakage from the keepwin compressor.

Several problems should be paid attention to in the process of boosting pressure of Keepwin air compressor

2) The general principle of the boosting operation procedure is to avoid the outlet pressure, lower than the inlet pressure, and prevent the operation point from falling into the surge area in each level of keepwin compressor.

For each unit, the correct sequence and gradual degree of operation for closing each vent valve and bypass valve shall be determined. The outlet valve of the keepwin compressor can only be opened when the pressure of the keepwin compressor pipeline is equal to or slightly higher than the pressure in the pipe network system at the normal speed to deliver gas to the pipe network.

3) When boosting the pressure, pay attention to control the water quantity of the intercooler to keep the inlet temperature of each section at the specified value.

4) The pressure rise of keepwin compressor is achieved by closing vent valve, bypass valve and more than one vent valve.

5) After boosting, turn the anti surge automatic control valve to the "automatic" position.

Special attention shall be paid to the fact that the keepwin compressor is not allowed to operate under surge! The surge signs of keepwin compressor can be seen from the strong vibration and roar of keepwin compressor as well as the severe fluctuation of outlet pressure and flow.

If surge is found, open vent valve or bypass valve until pressure and flow are stable.