How to classify piston compressors?

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How to classify keepwin compressors?

According to its principle, it can be divided into: reciprocating compressor  piston compressor, rotary compressor (turbine type, water ring type, transparent Flat) compressor, axial compressor, jet compressor, screw compressor and other types.

The most widely used are reciprocating  piston compressors.

 How to classify piston compressors?

There are many classification methods and different names of piston compressors. Generally, there are several classification methods as follows:

1, According to the cylinder position (cylinder center line) of the compressor

(1) Horizontal compressor, the cylinders are all horizontal (the cylinder center line is horizontal).

(2) The vertical compressor cylinders are arranged vertically (vertical compressor).

(3) For angle compressor, the cylinders are arranged in L-type, V-type, W-type and S-type (fan type) with different angles.

Keepwin GV type compressor

2,According to the number of compressor cylinder sections (stages)

(1) Single stage compressor (single stage): the gas is compressed once in the cylinder.

(2) Two stage compressor: the gas is compressed twice in the cylinder.

(3) Multistage compressor (multistage): the gas is compressed many times in the cylinder.

3,According to the arrangement of cylinders

(1) Tandem compressor: a multi-stage compressor with several cylinders arranged on the same shaft in turn, also known as a single row compressor.

(2) Parallel compressor: multi-stage compressor with several cylinders arranged in parallel on several shafts, also known as double row compressor or multi row compressor.

(3) Compound compressor: it is composed of series and parallel compressors.

(4) Symmetrical balanced compressor: the cylinders are arranged horizontally on both sides of the crankshaft with the crankshaft journal 180 degrees to each other, arranged as H-type, and the inertia force is basically balanced. (large compressors are developing in this direction.).

4,According to the compression action of the piston

(1) Single acting compressor: the gas is only compressed on one side of the piston, also known as single acting compressor. 

(2) Double acting compressor: the gas can be compressed on both sides of the piston, which is also called double acting or multi acting compressor.

(3) Multi cylinder single acting compressor: a compressor that uses one side of the piston to compress and has multiple cylinders.

(4) Multi cylinder double acting compressor: a compressor that uses both sides of the piston to compress and has multiple cylinders.

5,According to the final discharge pressure of the compressor

(1) Low pressure compressor: the end discharge pressure is 3-10 gauge.

(2) Medium pressure compressor: the end discharge pressure is 10-100 gauge pressure.

(3) High pressure compressor: exhaust end pressure is 100-1000 gauge pressure.

(4) Ultra high pressure compressor: the end discharge pressure is above 1000 gauge pressure.

 6,According to the discharge volume of compressor

(1) Micro compressor: the gas transmission is less than 1 m3 / min.

(2) Small compressor: the gas transmission is less than 1-10 m3 / min.

(3) Medium compressor: the gas transmission capacity is between 10 m3 / min and 100 m3 / min.

(4) Large compressor: the gas transmission capacity is 100m3 / min.

Keepwin High pressure reciprocating compressor

7,According to the speed of compressor

(1) Low speed compressor: under 200 rpm.

(2) Transfer compressor: 200-450 RPM / 50 min.

(3) High speed compressor: 450-1000 rpm.

8,According to the type of transmission

(1) Electric compressor: motor driven;

(2) Pneumatic compressor: steam engine driven;

(3) Compressor powered by internal combustion engine;

(4) A compressor powered by a steam turbine.

9, According to the cooling method

(1) Water cooled compressor: use the circulating flow of cooling water to guide the heat in the compression process. 

(2) Air cooled compressor: use its own wind through the radiator to guide away the heat in the compression process.

10, According to the transmission method of power machine and compressor

(1) The rigid body coupling of the device directly drives the compressor or is called the close joint compressor.

(2) The flexible coupling of the device drives the compressor directly.

(3) Reduction gear drive compressor.

(4) A belt (flat or V-belt) drives the compressor.

(5) Free piston compressor without crankshaft connecting rod mechanism.

(6) A compressor with a body structure -- that is, a motor compressor, a power engine, a cylinder and a compressor base are made as a whole, and a common crankshaft is used as the compressor

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