How To Flush The Air Compressor Oil System?

2020-09-30 22:49:39 keepwin


Fill the tank with flushing oil with filter press, and the oil level shall reach the highest level. After the oil is transported to the site, the appearance inspection shall be carried out barrel by barrel, and the routine analysis of oil shall be carried out according to 10-15% of the barrels.

Then dismantle the main pipe of speed regulating oil of the turbine, configure temporary oil return pipe to enter the front bearing box; dismantle the servo motor, directly configure temporary pipe to enter the bearing box at the opening of power oil pipe; also set temporary pipe for sealing oil pipe to enter the oil return pipe without sealing.

How to flush the air compressor oil system?

Generally, flushing oil is not allowed to enter the bearing, but temporary pipeline shall be provided to directly enter the oil return pipe. A right angle hole can be drilled on the false pad to make the circulating oil form a circuit and discharge into the bearing box for the unit to be aligned with the false pad.

All temporary oil pipes for flushing should be configured with carbon steel pipes, and chemical cleaning should be carried out in advance, and they can only be used after being cleaned.

 First flush

During the first flushing, a filter screen can be set at the outlet of the filter and the inlet of each upper oil pipe to the unit, and a filter box can be added before the main oil return pipe enters the oil tank. 120 ~ 200 mesh stainless steel wire mesh can be used for the filter screen, and the pump shall be stopped every 4 hours to remove the wire mesh for inspection.

For the first flushing, hot oil (60 ~ 75 ℃) and cold oil (normal temperature) are used alternately, and the flushing time is about 48h, so as to clean the possible sundries in the oil system. In the first washing process, wooden hammer can be used to knock the pipeline frequently, especially at the welded junction and elbow.

If the system is found to be very clean during flushing, impurities are rarely found on the screen after several times of cleaning, and the first stage of flushing can be finished in advance.

At the end of the first flush, depending on the cleanliness of the oil, it is necessary to change the oil.