Does the gas storage tank need to be inspected?

2020-07-10 23:21:57 keepwin

Generally speaking, the air compressor must be equipped with a gas storage tank to play a role in stabilizing the gas consumption, so does the gas storage tank need to be inspected? Mainly look at these two conditions:

1. The design pressure is less than or equal to 1.6 MPa.

2. The volume is less than or equal to 1000L.

In other words, a simple pressure vessel with a gas storage tank of less than or equal to one cubic meter does not need to be inspected. The manufacturer of the gas storage tank will have a set of paper materials when it is shipped, which can be saved and found by the relevant departments. , Just show them the information.

To buy a gas storage tank, one must buy a safe one with the most suitable pressure and volume. In order to save money, some factories buy gas tanks of unqualified quality. If an explosion occurs, the loss will be very heavy.

Operation rules of gas storage tank: Use manual method to confirm the opening and closing status of the valve. The valves in the open state are: safety main valve, gas-phase shut-off valve, liquid level meter main valve, saving valve main valve, and the closed state valves are: bottom filling valve, top filling valve, drain valve, Liquid detection valve, air supply valve. Check whether the amount of liquefied gas is sufficient with a liquid level meter. Use a pressure gauge to confirm whether the pressure in the storage tank is above the usual pressure. Slowly open the main valve of the pressurizer, and the liquid flows in the pressurized pipeline. When the pressure is lower than the set pressure, confirm whether the pressure is raised to the set pressure. Confirm that the pressure has reached the set pressure, and that the pressure has stopped increasing. After the pressure is stable, open the liquid extraction valve and the air supply valve and start using.

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