How to accurately test the efficiency of air compressor

2020-07-09 23:03:03 keepwin

In order to accurately obtain the data of the efficiency of the air compressor, during the detection, the air production (intake) of the air compressor must be obtained simultaneously, expressed in CFM or M3, and the electric power of the air compressor, in KW Or HP . For the measurement of the air compressor's gas production, it is recommended to use an orifice flowmeter, which is installed at the compressed air outlet during the measurement. The general error of the data obtained by the test is within 5% except for the gas production (intake). In addition, for the measurement of electricity consumption, a power quality analyzer can be used to calculate the operating power of the air compressor. Here, it must be particularly emphasized that the power quality analyzer preferably has a power factor measurement function so that the correct operating power can be calculated. For the efficiency testing of air compressors, an orifice flowmeter is used to measure the efficiency of an air compressor:

How to accurately test the efficiency of air compressor

1. Detailed inspection and recording of various data, such as compressed air pressure level, cooling water temperature, water pressure and other data.

2. Select the size of the orifice group flowmeter according to the size of the pipeline, and determine other auxiliary materials and matters.

3. Turn off the power of the air compressor first during the test.

4. Close the compressed air line exhaust valve.

5. Open the lower exhaust valve of the storage cylinder, evacuate the gas in the cylinder, and make the air pressure drop to normal pressure.

6. Install the orifice group flowmeter on the pipeline.

7. Do the wiring work before the power quality analyzer test.

8. Install a pressure gauge on the orifice group flowmeter and reset all valves.

9. Start the air compressor, manually set the discharge pressure to the rated working pressure of the air compressor, keep the pressure stable for more than 5~8 minutes, to facilitate accurate measurement of efficiency.

10. Adjust the orifice group flow meter valve to a flow value.

11. Record the temperature, pressure, motor power, power factor and CFM value of the orifice group before the compressed air outlet (see the table below).

TemperaturepressurePowerPower factorCFM

12. Repeat steps 10 to 11 multiple times, in which common pressure values must be tested.

13. Shut down, turn off the power of the air compressor, and remove the precision power quality analyzer.

14. Reduce the pressure gauge of the air barrel to 0kg/cm2G, and then remove the orifice group flowmeter.