How does the reciprocating compressor valve work?

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Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressor

Suction /Discharge valves: 

Acts as Non return valves.

Let the gas enter/ discharge at specific pressure.

Suction valves fitted on top and discharge valves are fitted on bottom of the cylinder:

Consists of valve seat, valve guard, valve plates etc.

Valve Internal Components:

Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressor

Valves must be properly installed Means:

- Suction valve: you can depress the plate in toward the centre of the cylinder.

- Discharge valve: you can depress the away from the cvlinder

When a valve leaks:

- The gas returning through the valve is hotter and valve become hotter.

- Detected by measuringskin temperature of valve cover.

- To be checked by operatorin morning hours

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