Nine common compressor parameters

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1. Exhaust volume (i.e. volume flow)

Under the rated exhaust pressure, the volume of gas discharged by the air compressor in unit time is converted to the volume of gas in the intake state, which is the exhaust volume of the air compressor (i.e. volume flow), unit: m3 / min. Generally speaking, the exhaust volume of air compressor refers to how much cubic air is sucked in by the air inlet of the machine per minute, rather than how much cubic compressed air can be discharged from the air outlet of the machine per minute.

2. Exhaust pressure

Air compressor discharge pressure refers to the gas pressure (gauge pressure) finally discharged from the compressor, unit: MPa. In the air compressor industry, "kg" is commonly used as the pressure unit, 1kg = 0.1MPa. The discharge pressure marked on the famous brand of air compressor is called rated discharge pressure, which is also the maximum allowable discharge gauge pressure of the compressor. Exhaust volume and exhaust pressure are two very important parameters of air compressor.

Nine compressor parameters

3. Air compressor discharge temperature

Air compressor exhaust temperature refers to the temperature of the exhaust gas from the exhaust port of the main engine (head) of the air compressor, in ° C or ° F. Compressor exhaust temperature is an important index of compressor safety. Due to the nature of compressed gas, the temperature resistance of lubricating oil and sealing materials, and the running clearance of rotor, the exhaust temperature is limited. The exhaust temperature is an important performance parameter of air compressor unit.

4. Unit input power

Unit input power refers to the total input power of the air compressor unit (measured from the three-phase input bus end), unit: kW.

5. Unit input specific power

Unit input specific power refers to the ratio of unit input power and exhaust volume under specified exhaust pressure of air compressor unit: unit input specific power = unit input power / exhaust volume

Its unit is kW / (m3 / min). According to gb19153 energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency grade of positive displacement air compressor, the limit value of each energy efficiency grade of specific power of air compressor unit is different under different pressure.

KPW-D Series Piston Industrial Gas Compressor
No.ModelCompressed mediumF.A.D (Nm3/min)Inlet Pressure
( Mpa)
Exhuast Pressure
Weight (t)  
12D3.5W-14/0.3~6Regenerated hydrogen gas14N0.030.6904855200*1800*25008380
22D3.5W-5.7/6.5Regenerated gas5.7N0.020.65454855200*1800*25005.5380
32D3.5W-17/0.4~12.5Synthetic tail gas17N0.041.251324855200*1800*25005.5380
42D3.5W-20/5Feed gas20N0.0020.51324855030*2000*25504.5380
52D3.5W-25/9~49Replenish hydrogen25N0.94.91324855400*3500*22008380
62D3.5W-79/26~49Recycle hydrogen79N2.64.91604855400*3500*20308380
72D3.5W-20/0.1~6Feed hydrogen20N0.010.61324854750*2200*25504.5380
82D3.5W-54/0.02~0.5coal gas540.0020.051105854560*1800*25505.5380
92D3.5W-16.7/0.2~8Synthetic tail gas16.7N0.01~0.040.81324854600*1950*22004.5380
102D3.5W-36.7/0.3~2.8Analytical gas36.7N0.030.281604854190*1800*24905380
112D3.5W-82/12~22Recycle hydrogen82N1.22.21604854300*1300*17405.5380
122D5.5W-30/8coal gas30NMicro positive pressure0.82205853857*1528*25056.5380
132D5.5W-40/8Coke oven gas40Atmospheric pressure0.82505853935*2020*25856.5380
142D5.5W-40/8~111Coke oven gas40N0.002~0.0150.82805853935*2020*25856.5380
152D5.5W-80/3.5~12.5Rich gas80N0.351.252804854502*1750*19657380
162D5.5W-72/2.5~8.5Regenerated gas72N0.250.852504854040*1750*23806.510000
182D8W-44/10.2Reaction gas44Micro positive pressure1.023154964828*1924*27508.76000
192D8W-65/8~25Nitrogen gas65N0.82.52504904900*3645*227011415
202D8W-119/3.9~15Recovery hydrogen gas119N0.39~0.481.54504855800*2250*29707.610000
212D8W-187.5/5~10Regenerated gas187.5N0.514004854890*1875*25508.710000
222D8W-110/7~23Nitrogen gas110N0.72.34004854700*2000*23308.410000
232D8W-60/6coal gas600.001~0.00250.64004854894*2245*33939.510000
252D12W-160/3~mixed gas with hydrogen160N0.31.15604286300*2400*28008.810000
262D12W-70/0.4~13Rich gas70N0.041.35604855700*2600*35008.86000
272D12W-152/3.5~12.5Rich gas152N0.35~0.41.255604205700*2600*280010.26000
282D12W-256/4~9Regenerated gas256N0.40.96304205600*2400*350013.110000
292D12W-192/2.5~8.5Regenerated gas192N0.250.856304205500*2600*350013.110000
302D12W-267/5~11Nitrogen and hygrogen gas267N0.51.16304206000*2600*320013.110000
312D25W-83/2.5~8.5Regenerated gas830.250.858503727350*2400*37602110000
322D25W-230/2.5~8.5Regenerated gas230N0.250.858003727350*3400*3760216000
332D25W-26.5/10~40Natural gas26.51410003727350*2400*376013.510000
342D25W-252/4~12.5Rich gas252N0.41.257103757400*2650*350012.910000
352D25W-252/4~12.5Rich gas252N0.41.257303757400*2650*350013.510000
362D25W-110/0.2~6Rich gas1100.020.67103727600*3700*470013.510000
372D32W-321.2/2.5~8.5Regenerated gas321.2N0.250.8510003757800*2800*37602510000
382D32W-392.7/4.5~15Dry feed gas392.7N0.451.512503757800*2000*4000266000
392D32W-150/0.2~6Rich gas150N0.020.610003338400*4530*40003610000
402D32W-87.5/0.4~15.5Rich gas87.5N0.041.557103758100*4500*47003210000
412D32W-160/0.2~10Methane gas160N0.02112003338400*4500*52303610000
422D32W-174/9~64Natural gas174N0.96.39003338200*4000*47302510000
432D32W-145/5~39Feed gas145N0.53.98003718200*4000*47302510000
442D50W-233/2~19Reaction gas890.21.911203338700*3400*47002810000
452D50W-463/4.8~16Feed gas463N0.481.614003338700*3400*47002910000
462D50W-461.7/5.8~17Tail gas461.7N0.581.714003338700*3400*47002910000
492D80W-128/2~7Regenerated gas1280.20.710003009600*4200*50005210000
502D80W-340/2.2~27.5Mixed refrigerant3400.222.7518003339600*4500*50005510000

6. Gas electricity ratio of air compressor unit (air compressor station)

The gas electricity ratio of air compressor unit (air compressor station) refers to the electric energy consumed by the air compressor unit (air compressor station) for each cubic meter of compressed air output (converted into suction state) during operation, unit: kW * H / m3.

D =E/G

Among them:

D = gas electricity ratio of air compressor unit (kW * H / m3)

E = total power consumption of air compressor unit (kW * h)

G = total air supply volume of air compressor unit in measurement period (suction state) (M3)

The value of gas electricity ratio under a certain pressure can be obtained by dividing the value of specific power under this pressure by 60:

Gas electricity ratio = specific power ÷ 60

7. Diameter calculation of compressed air pipe

In principle, the pressure drop of the piping shall not exceed 5% of the air compressor's operating pressure, so when rounding the calculated value according to the standard pipe size table, the larger one shall not be taken as the smaller one.

Among them:

D - diameter of compressed air (mm);

Q air compressor nameplate discharge capacity (m3 / min)

P - discharge pressure of air compressor (gauge pressure) (MPA);

V - economic velocity of compressed air in the pipeline (M / s).

Reference of economic velocity in the pipeline:

Exhaust pressure: 10-20m / s at 0.1-0.6mpa;

10-15m / s at 0.6-1.0mpa;

8-10m / s at 1.0-2.0mpa.

8. Estimation of air tank size

Among them:

VC - minimum volume of buffer tank, unit: m3;

Q0 - air volume required for normal operation of pneumatic system (m3 / min);

Q outside - air supply at the inlet of air storage tank (m3 / min);

T - time for pipe network pressure to drop from P1 to P2 (min);

P1 - gas pressure stored in the gas tank (MPA);

P2 - the minimum allowable pressure of gas in the air tank (MPA).

The estimated results can be rounded according to the air tank volume specified in fixed reciprocating piston air compressor (JB / t8867): 0.3, 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12. The following empirical data of air tank selection are for reference (Q: air compressor unit (station) gas production, minimum volume of air tank)

a) When Q < 6m3 / min, VC = 0.2q

b) When q = 6-30 m3 / min, VC = 0.15q

c) When Q > 30 m3 / min, VC = 0.1q

9. When the air compressor exhaust volume is not enough and the pressure cannot be increased, the air compressor exhaust volume to be increased shall be determined

Among them:

Δ Q - air displacement of air compressor to be increased m3 / min;

Q original - original air compressor discharge m3 / min;

P real - the target working pressure that the system needs to achieve bar;

P original - the working pressure bar that the original air compressor can reach.