What is the difference between oil-free air compressor and air compressor

2020-07-07 21:55:12 keepwin

The oil-free air compressor and the air compressor are literally understood to be only two words different, but there is a big difference. Below we will introduce you:

What is the difference between oil-free air compressor and air compressor

Compared with air compressor, oil-free air compressor has the following advantages:

1. Due to the use of small cylinders, the air compressor is light and compact.

2. The air compressor has good balance, so no foundation is needed.

3. The vibration is slight.

4. The small stroke volume of a single cylinder makes the pulsation of the intake end and the exhaust end less than 1%, without installing a pulsation elimination device.

5. The noise value is about 70-82 dB, no additional measures are required.

6. Easy maintenance. Due to the small and light air compressor components, the customer's own personnel can maintain the compressor.

7. Because the drive system is non-contact and maintenance-free, there is no need to use expensive piston rod stuffing box. The air compressor is permanently kept completely airtight.

The core of the oil-free air compressor is the outstanding secondary compression mainframe. The rotor is processed through twenty processes, which makes the rotor linearity reach unparalleled accuracy and durability. It is equipped with high-quality bearings and precision gears to ensure the coaxiality of the rotor and make the rotor fit accurately, thereby maintaining long-term efficient and reliable operation.

The oil-free air compressor belongs to a miniature reciprocating piston compressor. The motor is driven by a single shaft with a symmetrically distributed crank and rocker mechanical structure. The main motion is a piston ring, the auxiliary motion is an aluminum alloy cylindrical surface, and the motion is the same as the piston ring. Self-lubricating without adding any lubricant. Through the reciprocating motion of the crank and rocker, the compressor periodically changes the volume of the cylinder cylinder, and the cylinder volume changes twice in opposite directions during one cycle of the motor. When the positive direction is the expansion direction of the cylinder volume, the cylinder volume is vacuum, the atmospheric pressure is greater than the air pressure in the cylinder, and the air enters the cylinder through the air valve. At this time, it is the suction process: when the reverse direction is the direction of volume reduction, the gas entering the cylinder is subject to Compression, the pressure in the volume increases rapidly, when it is greater than the atmospheric pressure, the exhaust valve is opened, this is the exhaust process. The single-shaft double-cylinder structure arrangement makes the gas flow of the compressor double that of the single-cylinder when the rated speed is fixed, and makes the vibration noise generated by the single-cylinder compressor well resolved, and the overall structure is more compact.