How to save the energy of the air compressor?

2020-09-06 22:06:33 keepwin

Under the background of global warming, energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection become the responsibility of every country, every enterprise and every citizen. In fact, it is also a means for every enterprise to make money and survive. Today, I will introduce several common energy-saving routines of air compressors.

Frequency Conversion Energy Saving Reform or Use of Frequency Conversion Air Compressor

Frequency conversion of air compressor is to control the input voltage frequency according to the change of load and keep the parameters of pressure, flow and temperature stable, so as to improve the working performance of air compressor. Specifically, it has the following advantages:

  • Extending the Service Life of Air Compressor

  • Operation cost reduction

  • Improving the accuracy of pressure control

  • Reducing the Noise of Air Compressor

  • How to save the energy of the air compressor?

Low Pressure Screw Air Compressor and Graded Pressure Supply

In the early days, screw air compressor only provided several conventional models with pressure of 0.7 MPa, 0.8 MPa, 1.0 MPa and 1.3 MPa, and the range of pressure selection was limited. Secondly, most design institutes consider the use of the highest pressure and pressure loss of equipment for type selection design, many of which are relatively high pressure selection. However, when the pressure rises by 0.1 MPa during use, it consumes about 7-8% more power. In the actual use process, the pressure of each equipment in each industry will be different, so it is recommended to select different models and supply pressure by stages.

Reasonable Gas Volume and Centralized Control Mode

The selection of gas volume is a complicated problem. Generally, it is multiplied by 15%-20% of the total gas volume of all gas-using equipment. However, according to the use of equipment, intermittent or continuous use of gas, peak and Valley gas volume will also change greatly. In order to save energy, it is better to match the air compressor according to the actual experience and use. If the gas volume is relatively large, it is better to choose multiple units, centralized control mode. The centralized control mode is adopted for many air compressors, and the number of air compressors is automatically controlled according to the gas consumption. Among them, frequency conversion is better to minimize the power consumption of unloading air compressors.

Power Waste in Loading and Unloading:

When the pressure of traditional air compressor reaches the required working pressure, the pressure will continue to rise until the unloading pressure. For example, if the air compressor only needs 6 kg of pressure, it must be hit to 8 kg, and then loaded to 6 kg, so there are two wastes. One is that when the motor is idle from 8kg to 6kg, it causes serious waste of no-load; the other is that the differential pressure is wasted from 6kg to 8kg. According to consulting, every increase of 1 kg of pressure consumes 7% more electricity, and 2 kg of pressure consumes 14% more electricity.

Treatment of Pipeline Leakage and Energy Saving

The air compressor can solve the leakage and the use of gas, and achieve the purpose of energy saving. Firstly, air compressor can save energy by solving leakage and using gas. According to the test of the authority, only 10% of the energy consumed by the air compressor is converted to compressed air, while 90% is converted to heat energy

Air Compressor Heat Recovery

  • 1.Water-cooled type:

  • 1)When the temperature is low, hot water can be used for employees'life, such as bathing, canteen water, etc.

  • 2)Water can be used in production line at higher temperature.

  • 2.Air-cooled type:

  • a:Hot air is used for auxiliary heating in winter in workshop

  • b:Process heating of hot air used in special rooms

    • 1)Direct Recovery and Utilization of Hot Air:

    • 2)Indirect heat recovery and utilization