Do you know how to maintence the refrigeration dryer

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   Maintenance of the dryer is very necessary. Correct use and maintenance can not only make the cold dryer meet the requirements of use, but also extend its service life.

1 Replacement of filter element in gas-liquid separator

When removing moisture at rated flow rate, the pressure drop through the gas-liquid separator is 0.07 bar or less, and that through the dryer is 0.35 bar or less. The pressure drop will increase only when the filter core is adsorbed full of solid particles. In order to ensure the best filtration efficiency, it is suggested to replace the new filter element when the pressure drop of the separator exceeds 0.76 bar or through the dryer is 1.05 bar.

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2 Cleaning of Condenser of Water-cooled Dryer

A.       Condensers should be cleaned regularly to ensure the high efficiency of the condenser. The interval of cleaning depends on many factors, so it can not be precisely specified. Some may never need cleaning. Some may be cleaned once a year, rarely several times a year. The cleaning times depend on the cooling water quality of each equipment, so the correct cleaning time can be determined by experience.

B.       Reasons for poor condensation effect:

1) Excessive outlet pressure of refrigeration compressor - high refrigerant pressure is generally caused by (not absolutely) excessive dirty condenser.

It is suggested to check carefully whether the condenser is too dirty to cause the problem. Before cleaning the cooler, do the following checks:

1. Whether the refrigerant is excessive ---- feel whether the liquid level of the refrigerant is too high in the condenser.

2. Whether the water filter is blocked ---- if necessary, check and clean it.

3. Whether there is air in the refrigeration system ---- check the system pressure one hour after the equipment shutdown and compare it with the condensation pressure under the ambient temperature. If the system pressure is high, the air in the system will be discharged.

4. Damage or blockage of water regulating valve: check whether the valve is working properly.

5. Insufficient water flow: check the water pressure and flow rate, check whether the pump and system are blocked, polluted or leaked.

2) Condenser outlet water temperature is too low or too high

The cooling water of the condenser is controlled by the water valve provided by the factory. The difference between the outlet water temperature of the condenser and the condensation temperature (corresponding to the saturation temperature of the outlet pressure of the compressor) is between 9 (?) and 22 (?) The temperature difference has nothing to do with the water temperature entering the condenser.

If the outlet water temperature is too low (the difference between saturated condensation temperature and saturated condensation temperature is above 22 C), the condenser should be cleaned.

If the outlet water temperature is high, besides the condenser blockage, there are other reasons that can cause the refrigerant system to work out of order/the compressor outlet pressure is too high. Water flow blockage, low water pressure, foreign matter in the condenser will cause blockage, may also be blocked in the water supply pipeline, are caused by the condenser outlet water temperature is too high


1)Before disassembling the water condenser and cleaning, complete the following steps:

(1) Stop the operation of the refrigeration system, and the refrigerant does not need to be withdrawn from the condenser.

(2) Close the cooling water valve beside the equipment.

(3) Stop the work of circulating pump and cooling tower.

(4) The cooling water is discharged from the condenser, and most condensers have drains on the return pipe.


Remove end caps and gaskets at both ends of upsetting wire, upsetting mother and condenser.

Pay attention to the markings on the gaskets. Some gaskets are marked by a bump or groove or letter. If space is limited, remove one end of the condenser for cleaning.

If the gasket on the end cap can not be removed, can not be pried down, gasket surface damage will cause leakage. If you want to take down the gasket, restore the end cap to its original place, tap the outside of the end cap with a hammer or stick, and after a few taps, the gasket will loosen

3)Clean steps:

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Because of rust, pipe chips and dirt will not stick to the gasket, so the gasket only needs to be washed in water, you can use rags and soft brushes to remove the dirt attached to it.

Inside the end cap, the surface of the shell and the bolt can only be cleaned with clean water, and can be assisted by rags and soft brushes. It is better to use worn brushes. The surfaces of these parts are coated with special plastics.

Some types of condensers have several years of corrosion resistance without damage, unless damaged. Its surface can not be cleaned with steel brush or corrosive agent.

Condenser pipes are flushed with compressed air, water or cloth tied to a stick or steel wire. In many cases, this method is used. If the inner surface of the tube is smooth, no further cleaning is necessary even if the inner surface of the tube is not polished. There is no need to clean the inner surface of the pipe very bright, and the surface of the pipe will soon lose its luster during operation. Moderate pollution has been taken into account in the design of the condenser.

When using tool cleaning, the pipe should be kept wet, moving the cleaning tool slowly between the two ends of the pipe, while slowly rotating. It is recommended to use hand drill. If electric drill is used, it is better to use low speed 1/4 bit fixture. If the drilling rig is too large, the copper pipe will be damaged when the cleaning tool is stuck. After cleaning once or twice, each copper tube can be inspected. Even if a small amount of foreign body exists, the cleaning degree is enough. In a word, when some parts of the inner part of the copper tube show the color of copper, the cleaning should be stopped


After cleaning the condenser, wipe off the dirt on the tube and shell bolt.

Install the gasket in place. If there is a mark on the gasket, it should be installed according to this mark.

Install the end cap in place and tighten all upsetting wires and upsetting mothers.

5)Cleaning of Air Condenser:

      After a long period of use, the air condenser has accumulated a lot of dust and oil mist on its surface, which reduces the refrigeration efficiency. At this time, it can be purged by air gun or washed with neutral detergent soaking water.