Three common faults of screw air compressor

2020-07-12 22:00:38 keepwin 32

Screw keepwin compressor common faults, how to deal with?

Answer: screw compressor belongs to positive displacement compressor. It is composed of active rotor and driven rotor, body and a pair of synchronous gears. Therefore, the common faults of screw compressor are as follows:

1) The bearing is burnt out. 

The bearing was burnt out due to the foreign matter in the oil system, the decrease of oil pressure and the deterioration of oil quality. The main treatment methods are: check the oil supply system; clean the oil filter and cooling pipe of the oil cooler; check and adjust the oil pressure regulating valve; test the oil quality, and change the oil when the quality is not good; check and deal with the oil leakage points.

2) The rotor is burnt out. 

he rotor can be burnt out due to the foreign matter entering the compressed medium system, or the rise of rotor temperature and cooling oil temperature caused by high temperature of suction medium and rise of compression ratio, poor assembly of parts and components, and deformation of shell. The main treatment methods are: check the air system; clean the intercooler; check the cooling water quantity of the cooler and water jacket; clean the oil cooler; check the nozzle and channel of the oil cooler.

3) Abnormal vibration and sound. 

Vibration and abnormal sound are caused by shaft shaking or poor shaft connection. Treatment methods often need to be disassembled for inspection.

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