Five Reciprocating Compressor Advantages And Disadvantages

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Reciprocating Compressor

Reciprocating compressor is a kind of compressor which makes the volume of cylinder change periodically through the reciprocating motion of piston or diaphragm in cylinder and realizes the pressurization and transportation of gas. It is a positive displacement compressor. According to the reciprocating components are divided into piston and diaphragm compressors.

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Main Components Of Reciprocating Compressor

1. Organism

It is the positioning foundation component of the compressor, which is composed of the body, the middle body and the crankcase. Minicomputers sometimes integrate the three.

2. Transmission mechanism

The utility model is composed of a clutch, a belt wheel or a coupling and other driving devices, as well as a crankshaft, a connecting rod, a crosshead and other moving parts. Through them, the rotary motion of the driving machine is transformed into the reciprocating linear motion of the eye piston.

3. Compression mechanism

It is composed of cylinder, piston assembly, air inlet and exhaust valve, etc. When the piston reciprocates, the working process is completed circularly (the double acting type is carried out simultaneously on both sides of the piston).

4. Subsidiary bodies

It consists of circulating oil system, cooling water system, turning gear, cooler, buffer, oil-water separator, various pipelines, valves, electrical equipment and its protection device, safety cover, net, etc.

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Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressor

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Reciprocating Compressor


1. High thermal efficiency and low power consumption per unit

2. Convenient processing, low material requirements and low cost

3. Simple device system

4. Early design and production, mature manufacturing technology

5. Wide range of application


1. There are many moving parts, complex structure, heavy maintenance work and high maintenance cost

2. Speed Limited

3. The wear of piston ring, the wear of cylinder and the transmission mode of belt make the efficiency drop rapidly

4. Loud noise

5. The backward control system does not meet the needs of chain control and unattended, so although the price of piston machine is very low, it is often not accepted by users.