Diaphragm compressor maintenance manual(second)----Diaphragm compressor daily operation and maintenance

2020-06-23 10:10:30 keepwin

 Daily operation of compressor

Preparation and start-up: routine inspection shall be carried out before start-up, and the oil quantity in the fuselage shall be checked. 

Keepwin diaphragm compressor maintenance

1 Initial starting preparation and starting steps:

1.1 Turning

1.2 Open the blowdown valve under the buffer tank of the cooler, or the vent valve or the unloading valve, drain the dirt and condensate, and then close them. When discharging, the discharge shall be led to a safe place or collected;

1.3 Open the cooling water valve to regulate the cooling water flow (if the ambient temperature is low, it can be carried out after starting)

1.4 Unscrew the screw under the oil pressure gauge to make the indicator of the oil pressure gauge return to the zero position, and then tighten the screw quickly

1.5 Place the handle of the pressure regulating valve in the vertical position of the valve body axis

1.6 Start the compressor, quickly return the handles of the two pressure regulating valves to their original positions, and gradually increase the oil pressure to the required value

1.7 Open the valves before and after the suction and exhaust pipes

1.8 Adjust the exhaust valve to gradually increase the air pressure until the required pressure

1.9 During operation, the compressor shall be continuously observed and inspected, and the operation records shall be made. 

2 Normal start: when the compressor has been running continuously under one working condition and can maintain stable state, and has not been adjusted after shutdown, the start procedure can be simplified as:

2.1 Turn the large belt pulley for 1-2 turns. If the pulley does not move, loosen the air bleed screw under the two oil pressure gauges, or open the pressure regulating valve to let the excess oil flow back to the machine body while turning, then tighten the air bleed screw or close the pressure regulating valve

2.2 Turn on the power, start the compressor, and enter the normal operation state without adjustment

2.3 If the pointer of the oil pressure gauge is unstable, it can be deflated and stabilized

2.4 Connect the cooling water. 


1 When shutdown is required according to operation plan, the following steps shall be followed:

1.1 When receiving the stop signal or command, unload first. Close the air inlet valve, cut off the air source, open the valve at the exhaust port, so that the air pressure drops slowly, but do not unload suddenly, so as to prevent accidents caused by the resulting impact load

1.2 When the air pressure is completely removed, the power supply can be cut off and the motor can be stopped

1.3 Shut down the cooling water valve and stop the water supply after the compressor stops running for 10min

1.4 If the compressor works in a relatively low temperature environment, the cooling water in the compressor shall be drained to prevent the pipeline from frost crack. 4.3 emergency stop: in case of any accident or unsafe phenomenon during operation, the power supply shall be cut off immediately, the compressor shall be stopped quickly, and corresponding remedial measures shall be taken.    

Diaphragm compressor maintenance

1 According to the four requirements of equipment maintenance: tidiness, cleanness, lubrication and safety

2 Check and maintain before and during operation

3 Make operation records.

4 Regular maintenance

4.1 1000 hours operation

4.1.1 Check the tightness of air valve and maintain it

4.1.2 Check the condition of the diaphragm

4.1.3 Check the integrity of pressure regulating valve port

4.1.4 Check the belt tension

4.1.5 Check the fastening of each pipeline system. 

4.2 2000 hours operation

4.2.1 Replace the lubricating oil

4.2.2 Clean or replace each filter

4.2.3 Check or replace air valve or parts of air valve

4.2.4 Check or replace the diaphragm

4.2.5 Check or replace all sealing rings of membrane head parts

4.2.6 Check the integrity or replacement of the make-up oil pump and pressure regulating valve, and repair the damaged parts

4.2.7 Clean the scale of each cooler. 

4.3 8000 hours operation

4.3.1 Check the opening clearance of the piston ring and the fitting clearance with the cylinder liner

4.3.2 Check the wear of piston and crosshead

4.3.3 Check the wear condition and fit clearance of connecting rod big end bush

4.3.4 Check the wear condition and fit clearance of small end copper sleeve of connecting rod.