Reciprocating compressor construction--cylinder diagram

2020-06-23 16:59:03 keepwin

On the compressor of double acting cylinder, install crosshead assembly at the lower part.

Keepwin reciprocating compressor cylinder  diagram

1. Primary cylinder head 2. Primary air inlet valve cover 3. O-ring 

4. Primary air inlet valve 5. Primary cylinder 6. Primary exhaust valve 

7. O-ring 8. Primary exhaust valve gland

Crosshead assembly is composed of crosshead slide guide and crosshead. It is made of nodular cast iron. The crosshead receives oil from the crankcase through the oil distributor. The crosshead pin and the small head of the connecting rod form a movable joint of the crosshead, and obtain pressure lubrication through the oil circuit in the connecting rod. The packing box on the piston rod separates the crosshead assembly from the compression chamber. The seal on the piston rod can be adjusted by itself. It consists of several seal rings, which are clamped by springs from the outside and pressed against the piston rod. The gas compressor also has packing box sealing oil circuit.

Keepwin reciprocating compressor cylinder  diagram

1. Four stage exhaust pressure valve cover 2. Four stage exhaust valve 3. Four stage cylinder head 4. Four stage intake valve

5. Four stage air inlet valve cover 6. Four stage water jacket 7. Four stage air cylinder 8. Oiler adapter

9. Secondary air inlet flange 10. Secondary air inlet valve cover 11. Secondary air inlet valve 12. Secondary air cylinder

13. Secondary exhaust valve 14. Secondary exhaust flange 15. Secondary exhaust valve cover

In order to ensure good sealing effect and long service life, the oil of packing box is supplied by cylinder lubrication system through oil chamber. There is an oil scraper under the sealing ring. In case of leakage, it is recommended to replace the entire piston rod seal assembly.

Keepwin reciprocating compressor cylinder  diagram

1. Five stage exhaust pressure valve cover 2. Five stage cylinder head 3. Five stage exhaust valve 4. Five stage inlet valve 

5. Five stage inlet pressure valve cover 6. Five stage water jacket 7. Five stage cylinder 8. Oil injector transition joint 

9. Three stage inlet flange 10. Three stage inlet pressure valve cover 11. Three stage inlet valve 12. Three stage cylinder

13. Three stage exhaust valve 14. Three stage exhaust pressure valve cover 15. Three stage exhaust flange

The double acting piston is fastened on the piston rod made of alloy steel with nuts.

The piston is made of high quality carbon structural steel. The piston is equipped with a filled polytetrafluoroethylene piston ring and is run in with the honed cylinder wall. Good operation and sealing performance are obtained by the special running in method of the manufacturer.

The cylinder is cast, and the lubrication of the cylinder is realized by the piston ring with self lubrication.

Large size valve and wide gas channel ensure efficient operation of compressor. The air valve of the piston engine is installed in the cylinder chamber or the cylinder head. The pressure difference between the intake valve and the exhaust valve caused by the movement of the piston in the cylinder opens and closes.