Reciprocating compressor construction--valve and packing diagram

2020-06-23 16:59:25 keepwin


The intake and exhaust valves of the piston unit are of the same structure, all of which are of mesh valve structure. They are composed of valve seat, lift limiter, valve plate, spring, etc. and the material is 2Cr13.

If the air valve is damaged, the exhaust temperature and pressure will increase. When the air temperature rises or abnormal sound is heard, stop the engine immediately to check the air valve and replace it if necessary. After the assembly of the gas valve, the sealing performance test shall be carried out, and the kerosene inspection shall be carried out. The phenomenon of linear leakage is not allowed, and a small amount of dropwise leakage is allowed.

Packing parts

In order to prevent the gas in the cylinder from leaking from the piston rod, a set of packing is set in the cylinder seat, among which the lower part of the first and second stage cylinders is equipped with low-pressure packing parts, and the third stage cylinders are installed with high-pressure packing parts, which are composed of packing box, oil scraper ring, sealing ring, etc.

Keepwin reciprocating compressor packing  diagram