Why sometimes the air volume of compressor is reduced after maintenance?

2020-07-13 23:00:51 keepwin

There are many reasons for the reduction of air compressor production capacity. However, for the air compressor which has just been overhauled, the air volume often decreases when it is initially started. The main reasons are as follows

1) Incorrect maintenance and installation;

2) If the maintenance and installation are correct, the main reason is that the air distribution mechanism (the whole set of devices controlling the air entering and discharging from the cylinder) and the piston parts have not yet run in well.

After any machine is installed, it must go through certain running in before it can work normally. The same is true of air compressor. For the air compressor without running in after maintenance, its air distribution mechanism and piston parts can not be closely matched. In this way, the suction resistance and gas leakage may be large, and the air volume is naturally smaller.