What are the causes of abnormal noise of air compressor cylinder?

2020-05-21 23:14:12 keepwin

What are the causes of abnormal noise of air compressor cylinder

1. Sundries fall into the cylinder

Debris falling into the cylinder will cause damage to the parts and make abnormal noise. According to the characteristics of sound, it can be judged as follows:

(1) If the metal clasp suddenly occurs when Fusheng air compressor is just started, it indicates that some tool or part may fall into the cylinder, such as screw, nut, washer, feeler gauge, tool, etc.

(2) If the piston makes a kind of knocking sound like pieces in one direction of travel, it may be caused by the valve pieces of an air valve are broken, the parts fall off and the pieces fall into the cylinder.

In case of any abnormal sound, stop the engine immediately, open the valve seat, remove the sundries, reinstall the valve, close the air cylinder after careful inspection, and then start the engine.

In order to prevent irrelevant sundries from falling into the cylinder, the following measures shall be taken:

(1) When entering the large Fusheng air compressor cylinder for alignment, do not bring in extra tools or parts, and the buttons on the work clothes should be firm.

(2) Before sealing the cylinder, and before installing the air valve, carefully check and clean it.

(3) Check the air inlet valve and exhaust valve of the cylinder one by one. The lifting height of the valve plate shall meet the specified value. The valve seat bolt and nut shall be reliably tightened, and the brake shall be applied to prevent looseness.

When too much lubricating oil is injected into the cylinder, the excess oil accumulates in the cylinder. When the piston reciprocates, it splashes the oil and produces two-way, less significant liquid impact sound.

What are the causes of abnormal noise of air compressor cylinder

2. Too much lubricating oil is injected into the cylinder

To avoid this situation, the following measures should be taken:

(1) Before the start of Fusheng air compressor, the time to start the oiler in advance shall not be too early or too long to avoid too much oil filling.

(2) In the test run stage of Fusheng air compressor, more cylinder lubricating oil can be injected. After one angstrom normal operation, the oil shall be supplied according to the normal oil supply quantity.

(3) Follow the normal cooling specification of Fusheng air compressor.

(4) Use qualified cylinder lubricating oil.

(5) Carry out oil-water separation and purging operation for each section of Fusheng air compressor in time as required.

When the internal molding sand or molding sand bone of the cast hollow piston is not completely cleaned, the piston will produce the sound of sand in the reciprocating motion.

What are the causes of abnormal noise of air compressor cylinder

3. The sand in the hollow piston rings in series

After analysis and judgment, the plug blind plug (mud core plug) on the piston shall be unscrewed, the sundries such as molding sand and molding sand bone shall be cleaned again, the plug shall be tightened after it is completely cleaned, and the brake shall be applied to prevent loosening.

Note that the end face of the blind plug cannot be higher than the end face of the piston.