How to deal with the overheats and abnormal noise made by piston assembly of air compressor ?

2020-05-22 23:32:46 keepwin

Piston components include: piston, piston rod, piston ring, etc.

The piston reciprocating movement in the cylinder plays the role of compressed gas, so it is required to reduce wear as much as possible, have enough strength, light weight and good sealing with the inner wall of the cylinder.

When the cylinder wall of Keepwin air compressor is overheated abnormally during operation, and the sound of the piston rubbing against the cylinder wall or the metal noise of the piston ring breaking is heard, it indicates that there is a problem with the piston assembly, which should be stopped in time for inspection and repair.

If the alignment and centering of the cylinder are not in time, the piston assembly will rub against the inner wall of the cylinder, causing the cylinder to heat violently and make impact and collision sound.

Correct alignment and centering of the cylinder is the fundamental way to prevent and eliminate this fault.

/How to deal with the overheats and abnormal noise made by piston assembly of air compressor

The alignment and centering of the cylinder is the alignment of the cylinder with the fuselage or the sliding way of the middle body. The methods are:

First, prepare the wire frame and wire hammer for hanging and adjusting the steel wire.

The wire rack shall meet the following requirements

(l) It has enough bearing strength and rigidity to prevent deformation.

(2) It can adjust and move the steel wire in the four directions of line, bottom, left and right.

(3) The small wheel hung with steel wire shall be insulated from other parts, usually made of bakelite, so as to prevent the current from being grounded through it.

(4) The wire frame shall be firmly supported and fixed to prevent sliding.

(5) The wire rack in use shall be surrounded by ropes and hung with a sign to prevent touching.

/How to deal with the overheats and abnormal noise made by piston assembly of air compressor

Requirements for steel wire for alignment and centering:

(1) There are no twists or turns.

(2) Segment connection is not allowed.

(3) There shall be no rust.

The plumb bob used for centering is usually cast into a cone with metal lead, and the upper part has a hook for hanging. The use of lead hammer is due to the large proportion of lead, uniform material, and easy to correct the weight.

After the above tools are ready, the alignment and centering measurement shall be carried out. The method is as follows: according to the center position of the fuselage, a wire frame shall be fixed on the basis of its front and rear ends (one end of the opposed Fusheng air compressor is in the fuselage, and the other end is on the basis), and then the wire wire shall be put through the fuselage and the air cylinder, cross hung on the small wheels of the two wire frames, and hung and tightened with a heavy hammer.

Due to the weight of the wire itself, its natural deflection value must be excluded in the alignment and centering work.

The distance between the two fulcrum of the steel wire (i.e. the distance between the pulley centers of the two wire racks) is from 4m to 16m. For the deflection value at every 0.5m in meters, please refer to the deflection line table attached to the "technical specification for installation of Keepwin air compressor".