How to select oil for compressor--conclusion

2020-06-29 08:58:50 keepwin

keepwin reciprocating compressor

Using synthetic oil and hydrocracking saturated hydrocarbon as lubricant can effectively improve the performance of compressor, including prolonging the oil change period, reducing wear, reducing the replacement frequency of components, cleaning the operation process, saving energy, reducing fire and explosion risks, reducing pollution, reducing waiting time and production loss. Synthetic oil is used in air, chemical processing gas, industrial gas, inert gas, especially refrigerant gas and hydrocarbon gas compressor. Pao, organic ester (diester and polyol ester), silicone oil and hydrocracking saturated hydrocarbon can meet the use requirements of most compressors.    

For the cylinder lubrication of large reciprocating compressor, the existing pressurized oil injection lubrication system needs to be further improved in order to obtain the maximum benefit of using synthetic lubricating oil.