GL70 oxygen diaphragm compressor installation

2020-05-30 10:00:51 keepwin


The foundation of the compressor is a concrete boss higher than the ground. The user designs and pours according to the foundation drawing provided by the manufacturer and referring to the site soil quality and environmental conditions.

The compressor foundation shall not be borrowed from the foundation of the original building, but must be built separately and separated from the foundation of adjacent equipment.


1 The compressor shall be installed in a dry, ventilated, dust-free and corrosion-free indoor environment;

2 At least 1.5m wide operation channel shall be reserved around the machine;

3 There shall be a movable lifting device above the machine that can lift the weight of the compressor;

4 After the membrane press is installed on the foundation, the horizontal error shall be adjusted to be less than 5 ‰; when tightening the foundation bolts, the level of the skid mounted chassis shall be free of distortion;

5 When pouring concrete, the gap of the compressor chassis shall be filled up, and no gap shall be left.

External connecting pipeline

The pipelines and blowdown pipes connected with the inlet and outlet of the compressor shall be designed and installed by the user.

1 Pipeline requirements:

a. All gas transmission pipelines must be subject to pressure test, and the test pressure shall meet the corresponding regulations;

b. Air tightness inspection must be carried out for the welds and connecting parts of the gas pipeline;

c. The exhaust port and unloading valve outlet shall be connected with conduit and transported to the safety zone for recovery or venting;

d. Auxiliary support shall be added to the long suspended pipeline, but no additional stress shall be generated;

e. The pipeline connected with the compressor shall be provided with measures such as vibration reduction and thermal expansion elimination;

f. The inner wall of the pipe shall be free of welding slag, rust and dirt, which shall be cleaned by dry compressed air before installation;

g. The discharge port shall be set in the air inlet pipeline of the compressor for unloading when the suction pressure is higher than the rated suction pressure. The discharge port and return pipeline shall be set in the exhaust pipeline for the light load start of the compressor.

2 Pipe accessories

During the initial operation of the compressor, Y-type filter shall be installed at the suction port to prevent welding slag, dust and other dirt from mixing. (this model has been equipped with Y-type filter)