How to deal with the motor sparking and abnormal noise

2020-05-26 00:01:40 keepwin

1. The connection of motor rotor tripping is not tight

When a compressor starts, there is a strong spark on the lead wire of the motor rotor, which is generally caused by the loose connection and poor contact of the lead wire of the rotor.

In case of sparking, stop the machine immediately, check the circuit, tighten all the connecting screws of the rotor lead, and polish the poor contact places.

2. Friction between rotor and stator

There is a certain circumferential clearance between the rotor and the stator of the motor, that is, the air clearance.

If there is no such gap, the magnetic pole of the stator will directly rub with the convex part of the rotor armature, generating sparks, and accompanied by abnormal noise.

The air gap is usually specified by the motor manufacturer.

3. Sundries fall between stator and rotor

When sundries (such as feeler gauge, screw, washer or building materials, metal parts, etc.) fall into the air gap, the motor will emit sparks due to friction jam as soon as it is started, and there will be collision noise.

In order to avoid such failures, the following measures shall be taken:

(1) The air compressor boosting shall be installed in the vehicle compartment with the basic end of the construction project (with the room cover, door and window). We should clean up the extra bricks, stones, tiles and sixth class.

(2) A guardrail shall be installed around the motor, and irrelevant personnel shall not enter the fence, and irrelevant sundries shall not be placed in the fence.

(3) The personnel who install, check and adjust the motor shall not bring unnecessary irrelevant metal parts and tools into the motor, and the small tools (such as feeler gauge, spanner, etc.) shall be tied on the belt with ropes, and the key shall not be brought in, nor shall they wear the shoes with nails to enter the motor.

(4) Use leather air nozzle or clean and oil-free compressed air to blow the inside of the air compressor, and use the working hand lamp to carefully inspect and remove the sundries.

(5) After the completion of electrical work, the fasteners of the motor shall be tightened and braked, and then the motor shield shall be installed.

4. Friction between rotor and cover

When the motor rotor collides with its external or other stationary parts, sparks may also be generated, and the excitation slip ring collides with its seal housing.

For this reason, it is necessary to check whether there is one clearance left for each part according to the drawing, and after the installation and adjustment work is completed, use the turning gear to slowly turn it for several times, and observe whether there is friction and jamming phenomenon at each part.

5. Collision between motor and turning mechanism

The turning gear mechanism of air compressor is manual and motorized. It is better to install oil pressure interlocking turning gear mechanism. Because it is equipped with oil pressure locking device, when the turning gear is not disconnected, the motor can not be started, so the accident caused by misoperation can be avoided.