Common faults and solutions of oil injection system of air compressor

2020-05-24 23:03:09 keepwin

1. Return gas

When the oil filling check valve of Keepwin air compressor fails, the gas with pressure reverses to the oiler along the oil pipe, and bubbles will be found at the oil drop observation glass.

At the same time, since the compressed gas is heated after compression, the oil injection pipeline will also generate heat.

If this situation continues, a series of damage accidents will occur to the cylinder or stuffing box due to lack of oil.

The reasons for the failure of oil filling check valve of air compressor oil system are as follows:

Lubricating oil containing dirt, especially granular impurities, enters the check valve and pads the valve core to make it lose the function of "no return", or the spring in the valve is damaged or the valve core is damaged.

Common faults and solutions of oil injection system of air compressor

In order to prevent these failures, the following measures should be taken:

(1) Use filtered cleaning oil.

(2) Maintenance or replacement shall not be stuffy.

(3) It is better to use a check valve equipped with a double valve element, such as the oil filling double check valve.

2. The oil filling point is heated and air leaks

When it is found that the oil filling joint fastened on the cylinder is hot and leaking, it indicates that the joint screw thread tightened on the through hole of the cylinder wall is not tight or its sealing washer is damaged.

For this reason, the sealing washer (usually copper washer) should be annealed and softened or replaced with a new one, and then reassembled and tightened

Common faults and solutions of oil injection system of air compressor

3. Oil deposit

Because the oil used in lubricating cylinder is often in contact with the gas, and the temperature rises sharply in the process of compression, the oil will decompose and deteriorate.

The light components in the oil are gasified and mixed with the gas, leaving the air compressor, while the remaining components are in contact with the oxygen in the gas, and are oxidized to form carbon deposits.

Carbon deposit will destroy the normal lubrication, cause accelerated wear of moving parts, and even cause piston rings or pistons to jam, causing major accidents.

Carbon deposit will also cause burning of piston ring, destroy the sealing of air chamber and exhaust valve, which will result in abnormal increase of outlet gas temperature of air compressor.

In order to prevent the formation of carbon deposits, we should:

(1) . make the cylinder cooling work normally, and keep the outlet temperature of each section not more than 140 ~ 160 ° C.

(2) . select the appropriate cylinder lubricating oil, its flash point shall be 20 ~ 50 ° C higher than the air temperature in the cylinder, and it shall have good anti-oxidation ability and enough viscosity under the working pressure and temperature of the cylinder.