Four Causes of overheating and abnormal reaction of connecting rod big end bush of air compressor

2020-05-21 22:52:58 keepwin 115

The Framework of connecting rod Big Finish of Oxygen keepwin compressor is divided into:

Integral -- Big Mind that cannot be disassembled, with bearing bush adjustment wedge Metal;

Split - detachable Big Finish with connecting rod bolt and gasket.

1. The radial clearance of connecting rod Big Finish bush is not appropriate

The Big Finish bearing of connecting rod Will need to certainly have Accurate radial clearance. If the gap is As Nicely Big, it will Trigger shielding strike, vibration and tile burning; if the gap is As Nicely Little, it will Trigger tile burning, shaft holding, or even melting Away the Babbitt alloy lining layer, Leading to in Immediate friction In between the Back again of the Essential pad and the Diary, damaging the Best Surface area of the shaft, Leading to Significant Mishaps.

1. Connecting rod bolt 2. Connecting rod big end bush 3. Connecting rod nut 4. Connecting rod 5. Connecting rod small end bush 6. Screw

2. ImAccurate axial clearance

The axial clearance of the connecting rod Big Finish bush can be checked with a feeler gauge. If it is not Ideal, it is Quick to Trigger faults: when the clearance is As Nicely Big, the connecting rod moves horizontally in Sequence, deviates, and produces knocking impulse;

Generally, the axial clearance of the Little Finish bearing of the connecting rod Will need to certainly prevail, and the clearance is Little, which is Utilized as the Locationing bearing bush.

Generally speaking, the crankshaft is Fairly long. When the thermal expansion moves axially, the axial clearance of the Big Mind bearing is Big, so it will not be displaced Anticipated to the thermal expansion.

3. InAccurate crankshaft assembly

The crankshaft Will need to be assembled Properly so that the connecting rod can be in the Accurate Location to Guarantee Ordinary operation.

(1) The crankshaft Will need to certainly be perpFinishicular to the Middle of the slideway and cylinder of the fuselage, or the connecting rod bearing bush will be skewed and stressed, Leading to in abOrdinary phenomena This kind of as heating and sounding.

(2) When the slideway of the fuselage is horizontal, if the crankshaft is not Set up horizontally, the connecting rod will incline, and the heating and sounding will occur.

4. Poor lubrication

The connecting rod Big Finish bearing bush Will need to be Nicely lubricated, Or else, overheating or burning of the Bush and other Mishaps will occur. Therefore, we Should Spend Consideration to:

(1) The Essential oil Provide passage Will need to certainly be unobstructed and all dirt and impurities Will need to certainly be removed.

2) The bearing bush Will need to certainly be Supplied with a Accurate lubricating Essential oil groove and a Ideal lubricating Essential oil wedge.

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