what is a diaphragm compressor used for

2020-06-30 23:11:34 keepwin

Diaphragm compressor is a kind of reciprocating compressor which compresses and transports gas by reciprocating motion of diaphragm in cylinder. The diaphragm is clamped by two limiting plates around and forms a cylinder. The diaphragm is driven by mechanical or hydraulic pressure to move back and forth in the cylinder, so as to realize the compression and transmission of gas. The mechanical driven compressors with rubber or plastic diaphragms are only suitable for the occasion with a discharge capacity of several cubic meters per hour and a discharge pressure of about 1.2 MPa. Generally, they are single-stage or two-stage.

Diaphragm compressor is a kind of displacement compressor with special structure, which has the characteristics of large compression ratio, good sealing performance, and the compressed gas is not polluted by lubricating oil and other solid impurities. Therefore, it is suitable for compressing gases with high purity, rare and precious, inflammable and explosive, toxic and harmful, corrosive and high pressure.

What is the diaphragm compressor,what is the diaphragm compressor used for

It is common to use metal diaphragm and hydraulically driven compressor. Its discharge capacity can reach 100 m3 / h, and the discharge pressure of multi-stage compression can exceed 100 MPa. It is suitable for conveying and pressurizing various gases, and it can also be used as the booster compressor after oil-free lubrication compressor.

The thickness of metal diaphragm is generally 0.3-0.5mm. The life of the diaphragm depends on the material selected and its surface roughness. Due to the high quality of the hydraulic drive, the average speed of the piston in the hydraulic part can only be taken as 2 m / s, so the speed of the machine is usually in the range of 300-500 rpm. The ratio of the working volume surface area to the cylinder volume of the diaphragm compressor is much larger than that of the reciprocating plug compressor, and the gas compression is close to the isothermal process, so the pressure ratio of each stage can be as high as 25. It is suitable for various applications with small exhaust volume. For example, it is used as a small air supply device, pneumatic regulator, ventilation device of aquarium feeding pool, and the transportation and pressurization of oil-free, toxic, corrosive, valuable or radioactive gases in the chemical industry.