Diaphragm compressor maintenance manual(three)---Diaphragm trouble shootings

2020-06-23 10:19:05 keepwin

When we operate the Diaphragm compressor,there are always some led alarms.This file will help you to know the reason of some common errors and how to deal with them。

Common faults and troubleshooting of diaphragm compressor

Exhaust pressure is too low.

The oil pressure of oil cylinder is low; the suction and exhaust valves are damaged or work abnormally Adjust the oil pressure to the required value; repair the suction and exhaust valves to eliminate the fault
The pressure regulating valve or make-up oil pump does not work normallyRepair the pressure regulating valve or make-up oil pump
Diaphragm damaged Replace the diaphragm
Serious air leakage in the gas transmission pipelineEliminate the leakage point
Excessive suction resistanceClean the intake filter or adjust the intake pressure

Exhaust pressure too high

The exhaust valve is not opened or the opening is not enoughCheck or adjust the exhaust valve
The gas volume is unbalanced, the suction capacity is large or the suction pressure is too high, and the gas consumption is smallAdjust the suction capacity or gas consumption

Keepwin diaphragm compressor maintenance

Over temperature

The pressure ratio is too large (high exhaust pressure and low suction pressure)Adjust the suction and discharge pressure to the specified value
The suction temperature is too highReduce the suction temperature

The cooling effect of the membrane head is not good:

a. The water inflow of the cooling water is too small or the water is cut off; 

b. The temperature of the water inflow of the cooling water is too high; 

c. The cooling water channel is blocked or scaling is serious.

Check whether the cooling water system is normal:

a. Increase the water inflow;

b. Reduce the water inflow temperature; 

c. Clean or dredge the cooling water channel.

Insufficient exhaust volume

Low suction pressureIncrease suction pressure
The valve is not work normally
 Repair or replace the faulty valve
The leakage of pipeline system is seriousEliminate the leakage point
The compressor speed is not enough or the belt is looseCheck whether the motor is lost due to insufficient voltage or the belt is loose, and eliminate 
Due to the deformation or improper installation of the diaphragm, the surface of the cylinder head does not fit well, the air chamber has air bags, or a diaphragm is damagedCheck and replace the diaphragm
The installation clearance of air valve is too large or too smallUse the adjusting pad to adjust to the required clearance

The oil pressure of diaphragm head cylinder is unstable or fails to meet the specified requirements

The pressure regulating valve works abnormally, the valve port is worn and the spring is invalid Repair the faulty parts or replace the damaged parts
There is gas in the oil cylinderRemove the gas (use the screw under the oil pressure gauge to deflate)
The oil supply of make-up oil pump is not good, the oil supply quantity is insufficient, and the oil supply pressure is not enoughCheck and repair the oil pump to meet the technical requirements
Check valve for membrane head oil inlet and oil pressure gauge is brokenRepair the check valve; the valve is not tightly sealed
Oil leakage of oil supply pipeReplace damaged oil pipe and oil leakage joint
Excessive wear of the piston ring causes excessive opening clearance and radial clearance, or the opening of each ring is not staggered, resulting in serious oil leakage Check, repair or replace the piston ring, and replace the cylinder liner when the cylinder liner is severely worn

The oil supply pressure of lubricating oil pump is too low or too high, and the oil supply quantity is insufficient

The oil pump pressure is not adjusted to the specified value due to improper adjustmentScrew the adjusting screw to adjust the oil discharge pressure to the required value
The parts inside the oil pump such as gear, driving shaft and spring are damaged and worn, and the radial and axial clearance is too largeCheck, replace and adjust the parts and clearance
The oil pipe is blocked or leakingDredge or replace the damaged oil pipe

The lubricating oil is too thin

Replace the lubricating oil
Too large clearance between lubrication points, too much oil leakageCheck the lubrication point clearance and restore the specified requirements

Irregular impact sound of pressure regulating valve


The spring is damaged or deformed

Replace the spring
Friction and interference between valve rod and valve body, valve rod and handle

Disassembly, inspection and repair

The valve port is worn or the alignment between the valve and the valve seat is not goodRepair or replace worn parts and align them
There is gas in the oil chamberOpen the pressure regulating valve or oil pressure gauge exhaust screw to exhaust gas

The make-up oil pump is not working normally


The plunger is stuck due to the spring deformation or dirt in the plunger pair 

 Disassemble and clean the plunger pair and replace the unqualified parts
There is gas in the pumpOpen the vent screw to remove the gas
The oil inlet valve is stuck (unable to open or closeCheck the oil inlet valve and replace the damaged parts
The oil inlet filter is blocked

Clean the oil filter

The oil level in the oil tank is lower than the oil inletRefuel to the specified position

Abnormal noise during compressor operation

The sound produced by the abnormal operation of the crankshaft connecting rod mechanism. For example: the clearance between connecting rod big end bearing and big end bearing cap of Dalian rod is loose, the clearance between piston or cross head pin is large or loose, and the clearance between crankshaft rolling bearing is large or damaged; Eliminate corresponding faults and restore normal working conditions
Sound produced by abnormal operation in the membrane head. For example, if the oil volume of the oil cylinder is insufficient, the diaphragm beats the oil distribution plate, the piston ring is damaged and stuck in the oil cylinder, and foreign matters enterCheck the working condition of the membrane head assembly for maintenance or replace the corresponding parts
Knocking sound produced by air valve and pressure regulating valve. For example: the air valve spring or valve plate is damaged; the pressure regulating valve coughsRefer to the method of regular impact sound of air valve and unstable oil pressure of oil cylinder to eliminate
Sound from improper flywheel assembly. For example: the fixed bolt or key of the flywheel is loose, the flywheel and the crankshaft are not properly matched, and the belt is looseCheck whether the flywheel is installed properly and tighten the belt to the proper tightness
Abnormal noise of the motorCheck and eliminate the noise caused by the abnormal noise of the motor . For example: the motor running part has contact or collision, the motor is overloaded, and the motor pulley is loose
Noise caused by loose installation of substructure or vibration of gas transmission pipeline

 Retighten the base to strengthen the gas transmission pipeline.