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  • Model: WWZT-40/4-150
  • Flow rate(Nm3/h): 40
  • Suction Pressure(Mpa): 0.4
  • Discharge Pressure(Mpa): 15
  • Power(KW): 15
  • Cooling Type: Air cooling
  • Gas Medium: OXygen

Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressorOil-free Oxygen Compressor Purpose and Application

  This oil-free oxygen compressor (hereinafter referred to as compressor) a single acting, water-cooled reciprocating piston type compressor (see Fig. 1 the Overall Diagram). This compressor does not need to add lubricating oil and will not pollute the compressed oxygen gas. It was designed as fully sealed structure and no leakage operation. All bearing parts added with special lubricating grease to ensure the durability of the compressor.

Keepwin factory is a oxygen compressor manufacturer has 20 years  experience. From oxygen diaphragm compressor to piston oxygen compressor. From micro positive pressure to high pressure. Keepwin will offer you the best gas solution

 This compressor is generally suitable for oxygen pressurization and recovery occasions such as filling and inverting bottles under the working conditions of rated inlet pressure 0.4Mpa (there configured a pressure reducing valve once the suction pressure over high pressure then it should be reduced down to 0.4Mpa by manual) and a rated exhaust pressure of 20Mpa . If the compressor is used under special working conditions where the inlet pressure is lower than 0.4Mpa and the exhaust pressure is higher than 20Mpa, it is necessary to communicate with our company's technicians before production and use.

Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressor

Keepwin oxygen compressor advatage:

1 Zero oil polluted the oxygen gas.

2 Easy to install and assemble.

3 Easy to operate.

4 Real-time monitoring of the pressure and temperature at all stages.

5 Remote solution team to help you solve the technical problems

6 White steel material is more resistant to oxidation

What's the usage of oxygen gas keepwin compressor? 

  • Oxygen compressor for filling oxygen cylinders:
    For filling oxygen cylinder from oxygen systems, generally the pressure is high. This is done in a totally oil-free environment.

  • Oxygen compressor for medical use:
    Oxygen from a PSA or liquid oxygen source is compressed with one or two stages from 1 barg (14.5 psig) to 30 barg (435 psig) for use directly by patients.
    The oxygen is kept pure by the oxygen compressor so that it is safe for medical use.
    These oxygen compressors are usually relatively small, in the 3 to 18.5 kW range.

  • Oxygen compressor for process use:

    Oxygen for industrial processes is generally higher volume, 3,000 Nm3/hr (1,900 SCFM).

    The pressures can be medium and low, sometimes up to 150 barg (2175 psig), 200barg (2900psig).

    Is available for VSA applications at steel mills, paper plants, water treatment plants.

    The oxygen compressors are one, two, or three stages and in the power range of 50 kW up to 375 kW.

150bar  Oil-Free Piston Type Oxygen Booster Compressor Technical Parameters Table

ModelFlow rateSuction PressureDischarge PressureMotor PowerInlet Interface diameterOutlet Interface diameterDimension

Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressor