Ten common illegal operation of air tank

2020-06-04 22:16:00 keepwin

What are the common illegal operations of air tank?

1. It is strictly prohibited to collide and knock when the air tank is running;

2. Check the valve or other places for air leakage at any time, and take measures in time if any;

Ten common illegal operation of air tank

3. The function of the air tank is also to remove water and oil. The air tank shall be regularly drained in use and maintenance;

4. The technical director of the user of the gas tank shall be responsible for the safety management of the pressure vessel.

5. The user of high-pressure gas storage tank must establish complete safety management rules and regulations for pressure vessels, including the implementation of fixed capacity regulations and relevant safety technical specifications for pressure vessels, the use registration of gas storage tank and the management of technical data, and the formulation of perfect process and post operation regulations.

6. There shall be no inflammable and explosive materials near the gas storage tank, the body shall be kept clean and tidy, and it shall be placed in a ventilated and dry place, and it is strictly prohibited to pile up sundries around.

7. The rated pressure of the gas in the air tank is determined by the pressure regulator and safety valve. In case of the failure of the two, such as the wrong operation of the pressure regulator or the failure of the unloading valve pipe and other parts, the gas pressure in the tank will rise sharply, and the heating of the container (such as sunlight, fire, etc.) will also cause the pressure rise in the container.

8. If the air storage tank exceeds the strength limit of tank wall thickness, it will explode. Therefore, we should often check whether the accessories of the air tank are complete and whether the pressure gauge value is within the safe range. Check the use of safety valve, tank body and screw every month, and deal with problems in time.

9. The gas storage tank belongs to the national special equipment. A qualified gas storage tank must be produced by a D1 / D2 level pressure vessel design and manufacturing unit approved by the State Administration of quality supervision, and the manufacturer of the gas storage tank has passed the inspection and test before leaving the factory. The gas storage tank must be installed by professional personnel with pressure vessel installation qualification, and it needs to go to the local relevant departments Carry out installation report.

10. The air tank belongs to high temperature and high pressure vessel, so it can not collide with metal instruments during use. The air storage tank shall meet the design and production requirements. If it is unqualified, it shall not be used.