Knowledge of air compressor cooling system

2020-06-05 03:00:12 keepwin

 When summer comes, many customers always ask us. "what should be paid attention to when the air compressor is running in high temperature when summer comes?" In fact, as for how to maintain the air compressor, Jaguar will attach the maintenance manual when delivering the machine. No matter in summer or winter, as long as the manual is strictly followed, there will be no problem! Then about the summer maintenance, small edition will take you to review the air compressor cooling system knowledge and summer maintenance precautions.

The air compressor Wwants to work stably for a long time, and the cooling system plays a very important role in it. The traditional cooling methods are mainly water-cooling and air-cooling. Generally, they are divided according to the exhaust volume of the machine. The medium and small-sized air compressors are mostly air-cooled, and the large and medium-sized air compressors are mostly water-cooled.

The cooling effect of water cooling is achieved by heat exchange between the spiral copper tube (oil flow outside the copper tube, water flow inside the copper tube) and water. The installation mode is relatively complex, and the cooling tower water pump needs to be installed. On the other hand, the environmental requirements are relatively low and stable, which is suitable for long-term operation of large machines.

Air cooling uses aluminum coolers to cool lubricating oil by forced convection of fans. The installation method is relatively simple, but it is greatly affected by the environment. It needs frequent maintenance in places with poor ventilation or poor environment. Otherwise, it is easy to cause high temperature of the machine, such as textile mills. However, the use of air cooling can save the early investment, maintenance and long-term dependence on water quality of the water cooling cycle system, and it does not need to clean and maintain the water cooler regularly, avoiding the risk of shutdown due to maintenance.

The installation mode of air-cooled cooling fan can be divided into blowing and suction. As the name implies, blowing means that the fan is installed behind or below the cooler to blow the hot air to the outside of the air compressor, while suction means that the hot air is sucked out from the fan side to the outside of the machine. The form of air suction will make the air volume more concentrated and the heat dissipation faster, but the hot air will be discharged out through the fan for a long time, which will greatly shorten the service life of the fan, which is a great test for the fan. And in the air compressor fault analysis, the problem of the fan occupies a large proportion, which remains high.

The blowing method adopted by Keepwin  compressor can effectively reduce the failure rate of the fan in this respect. The fan blades and motors do not work under the hot air for a long time, which reduces the risk of the fan blades breaking. At the same time, it can also increase the service life of the fan, thus ensuring the cooling and cooling of the whole lubricating oil, so that the machine can run stably for a long time