Structure of cooling equipment and its thermodynamic calculation

2020-05-31 03:00:54 keepwin

Tower cooling tower is a wood or concrete structure. Its base size is 4.5 × 4.5 meters and its height is 18-20 meters.

The cooling effect of this type of cooling tower is produced by convection and evaporation of water in the air stream lower than its temperature.

The hot water is pumped along the water pipe to the salivary trough in the middle of the tower. From here, the water is divided into many branches and falls down along the checkerboard type horizontal trough, which is dispersed into small raindrops.

Depending on the natural pumping force in the tower, the air flow moves from the bottom to the top in the direction of the water flow. Part of the water vapor is taken away by the air flow through the tower body, and the falling water drops are cooled at the same time. The cooled water flows into the lower pool.

The average air inlet area per square meter can cool 3 meters per hour of water, or take away 300000-100000 kcal / meter of heat.

This type of piston refrigeration compressor can work effectively and has nothing to do with the change of wind speed and direction, and it is used when it is impossible to form good ventilation conditions in the area near the air compressor station, or only a small area is used for building the structure of cooling equipment.

The open cooling tower itself is a 5-10 meter high enclosure or shaft (in this kind of cooling tower, there is no ventilation body).

The sides of the enclosure or shaft are made of louvers, and the surrounding air is violently blown into the inside of the cooling tower through the louvers.

The cooling tower is built in a square shape on the plan, and its long side is arranged on the side perpendicular to the main wind direction; the length of the short side is not more than 4 meters.

Under the enclosure of the cooling tower, a pool for collecting cooling water is built with brick, wood or concrete.

In the area of permanent freezing and earthquake or where the soil is easy to protrude and exceed, the bottom of the pool is best constructed of reinforced concrete or steel.

Open cooling tower can be divided into jet cooling tower and drip cooling tower according to the form of cooling water ejector.