Keepwin 2D12 reciprocating compressor operation test

2020-05-26 23:13:00 keepwin

To ensure the quality of the compressor. Ensure that the instruments meet the requirements of customers。

After the Keepwin compressor is assembled. We will invite the customer to join in the operation test.We will record the parameters for four hours.

TimeLubricate oil pressure before FilterLubricate oil pressure after Filter

Bearing temperature

Left cylinder temp ˚CRight cylinder temp ˚CAmbient temp ˚CLubri-Oil temp ˚CLeft cylinder piston-rod temp ˚CRight cylinder piston rod temp ˚CCrankshaft speedMotor current ASupply voltage V

Due to the coronavirus-2019.Our oversea customer can not come to our factory to join the operate test.We made a operation test vedio for our customer.Aslo we will send the record data to our customers.