Understand the global epidemic situation: the number of confirmed cases in Brazil has risen to the second place in the world

2020-05-23 23:32:42 keepwin 113

Understand the global epidemic situation: the number of confirmed cases in Brazil has risen to the second place in the world

The novel coronavirus pneumonia released by the US University of Beijing (Johns Hopkins) has shown that up to around 7:30 in Beijing time, there were over 5 million 200 thousand cases of new crown pneumonia diagnosed in the world, reaching 5205131 cases, and the cumulative death rate exceeded 337 thousand cases, reaching 337534 cases in May 23rd.

Global novel coronavirus pneumonia continues to spread and impact on the economy of all countries. The Federal Reserve chairman said that the poor in the United States had more negative impacts. The Prime Minister of Italy stressed that the crisis had been overcome and the tourism industry was vigorously promoted. European countries would gradually reopen the border around June 15th, and the Central Bank of Turkey would cut interest rates again; Brazil's president approved the assistance to all States to request the States to suspend. Stop raising salaries for civil servants.

According to the epidemic data released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 6:30 on May 23, Beijing time, 1598631 cases were confirmed and 95847 cases died in the United States. Compared with the previous day's 6:30 data, 25097 new confirmed cases and 1281 new deaths were found in the United States.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 652 new cases in Italy at 18 hours local time May 22nd. 228658 cases were confirmed, 130 new deaths and 32616 deaths.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed in 326448 cases in the past 24 hours, according to the latest data from the 22 official new crown virus epidemic prevention network in Russia, with 150 cases of new deaths and 3249 cases of cumulative deaths in the past 24 hours.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in 20803 cases in Brazil alone, and 330890 cases were diagnosed in total, the total number of confirmed cases rose to second worldwide, 1001 cases of new deaths and 21048 cases of cumulative deaths, according to the latest data released by the Ministry of health of the PRC.

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