High pressure oil free oxygen booster in china

2021-08-06 14:40:48 keepwin

In order to cope with the increasingly serious COVID-19. In order to help more countries to deal with COVID-19, Keepwin introduced advanced technology and developed an oxygen compressor in time. This series of products are oil-free and can be used for filling oxygen cylinders.

"In the past week, 46% of the new confirmed cases and 25% of the new deaths in the world came from India." On May 4th, novel coronavirus pneumonia was released by WHO (WHO) in a weekly epidemiological report.

The who also pointed out that the number of newly confirmed cases in the world has increased for nine consecutive weeks. Newly confirmed cases and deaths in Southeast Asia increased by 19% and 48% respectively compared with the previous week. India is the main driver of the rise in diagnostic data in Southeast Asia. But in the last week, 8 of the 10 countries in the region that reported new cases increased significantly.

According to the real-time statistics of worldometers, in the past week, many Asian countries, including India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Laos, Thailand, Bhutan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and so on, have experienced Anti Ballistic outbreaks.

With the deterioration of the epidemic in Asia, China's epidemic prevention alarm sounded again. On the one hand, some countries / regions with rapid growth in the number of new cases border China. Including India, which has been the focus of the world, Nepal, where the situation is like mini India, and Laos, where the number of cases has increased more than 200 times in one month. Bloomberg reported on May 4 that the population and infection scale of Laos, Nepal and other countries can not be compared with India, but their transmission speed is faster than India, which is likely to fall into an uncontrollable situation.

We hope our instruments can save more and more people in the future.