The First 70MPa Hydrogen Compressor In The Hydrogenation Station Passed The Performance Test Under Hydrogen Medium

2022-04-18 11:19:08 keepwin

On December 15, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation organized experts to visit the test base of Hubei Gehua Zhongji hydrogen energy Co., Ltd, The operation performance of 70MPa hydrogen diaphragm compressor for hydrogenation station jointly developed by National Energy Group Beijing low carbon Clean Energy Research Institute and our factory was assessed on site under hydrogen gas medium. During the assessment, the compressor operated safely and stably under five test conditions, meeting the assessment requirements of key project indicators.

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The expert group listened to the performance test report of the hydrogen diaphragm compressor for 70MPa hydrogenation station jointly developed by low carbon Institute and us, and investigated the performance test of the compressor under hydrogen working conditions on site. Through the performance assessment and test of the hydrogen medium compressor on site, the compressor operates safely and stably, the inlet pressure is 12.5mpa, the outlet pressure is 87.5mpa, and the displacement is greater than 350nm3 / h.

According to the test results, the expert group agreed that the hydrogen diaphragm compressor prototype  meets the project assessment requirements in terms of inlet pressure, exhaust pressure, exhaust volume, energy consumption and other performance indicators under hydrogen medium. The prototype has become the first diaphragm compressor in China with an exhaust pressure of 87.5mpa under hydrogen medium. In addition, the 90Mpa compressor test base built by the R & D team will also become the first compressor test base in China that can be tested with hydrogen medium.

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