Regular maintenance of natural gas compressor

2020-05-23 23:17:34 keepwin 144

Keepwin ZW-1.65/3 natural gas compressor is a new generation compressor developed by our factory on the basis of inKtroducing and digesting foreign advanced technology, relying on its professional advantages, strengthening independent innovation, and occupying the domestic market rapidly with outstanding quality, appearance, technology and cost-effective advantages. In order to better meet the needs of users, we constantly carry out technical transformation for this series of compressorsimprovement and product expansion. The illustrations in the manual may be different from the physical appearance, but they do not affect the user's use. Please understand. At the same time, the user should carefully read the manual before operation, and understand the purchased model. To better use and maintain the compressor equipment, extend the service life of the machine, and ensure the safe and reliable operation.

Due to the limited space, if the user has any unclear points and problems that cannot be solved, please contact our factory as soon as possible, and do not dispose of them at will.

Regular maintenance of natural gas compressor

1. Change the lubricating oil: After the new compressor works for 100 hours at the first time, change the lubricating oil. When changing the oil, clean the crankcase with clean cotton cloth without fluff. Then add new lubricating oil. After that, change the oil every six months or 1000 hours.

2. Disassemble and check the intactness of inlet and outlet valve plate and spring of compressor every two years or every 5000 working hours.

3. In principle, it is required to dismantle and check the wear condition of piston ring every two years or every 5000 hours. If the piston ring is placed flat in the cylinder and its opening size is more than 4mm, the piston ring shall be replaced. At the same time, check whether the thread fit of piston and piston rod is loose.

4. In principle, it is required to dismantle, check and replace the packing every two years or every 5000 hours of operation. However, if there is no obvious increase in air leakage from Φ 8 plastic pipe, it is not necessary to dismantle and replace it. Otherwise, it shall be dismantled and replaced in advance.