Reciprocating compressor application

2020-06-30 23:13:45 keepwin

(1) Power compressor

Using compressed air as power air source has the characteristics of safety, economy and high efficiency.

Therefore, compressed air is widely used in machinery, mining, construction and other industrial cities to drive various pneumatic tools (such as air pick, air drill, pneumatic wrench, pneumatic sand blasting, etc.).

Compressed air can also be used to control the braking and braking of instruments, various motor vehicles, the opening and closing of doors and windows, the slurry mixing in the food and pharmaceutical industries, and the filling blowing in the textile industry to replace the shuttle weaving. The air compressor discharge pressure required for these applications is below 1MPa.

In addition, different medium and high pressure compressed air is used in large and medium-sized engine start-up, oil well fracturing, high-pressure air blasting coal mining, torpedo launching, submarine sinking and drifting, wreck salvage, satellite launching, etc.

Therefore, air compressor in these engineering lead in the chemical industry, the compression of gas to high pressure is conducive to the chemical reaction. It becomes an essential device in the domain.

Reciprocating compressor application

(2) Compressor for chemical process

In the synthetic ammonia production process of small and medium-sized chemical fertilizer enterprises, helium hydrogen mixture is compressed by compressor and delivered to the synthesis tower to synthesize ammonia. At present, the commonly used synthesis pressure is 26-32mpa.

For the nitrogen and ammonia gas that do not react in the synthesis tower, it needs to be pressurized again and sent to the synthesis tower with the circulation compressor. Urea is synthesized from carbon dioxide and ammonia, and its synthesis pressure is usually 21 MPa. Therefore, CO2 compressor is needed.

High pressure polyethylene is made by compressing ethylene gas to 280mpa for polymerization, so it can not be separated from high pressure polyethylene compressor. In the process of petroleum processing, hydrogenation is needed to make the oil recombine and split into light hydrocarbon. The discharge pressure of hydrogen compressor is 7~32MPa.

(3) Compressors for refrigeration and gas separation

Many of the commonly used refrigerators, air conditioners and large refrigeration and freezing equipment use reciprocating compressors to compress the working medium.

The most common gas separation equipment is to compress, cool and expand the air to obtain deep low temperature, and to produce various simple gases according to different liquefying temperatures such as oxygen and nitrogen.

The compressors used include air compressor, oxygen compressor and helium compressor. Using the deep low temperature (below 20k) equipment of complex gas compressor refrigeration, it is used to freeze many kinds of gases in the environment to reach the natural gas, petroleum gas, gas transmission pipeline, for example, in a long distance. It needs to use the compressor to a high vacuum (below 10Pa).

(4) Compressor for gas transmission

Pressurized air supply. Another way of gas transmission is to use a compressor to pressurize the gas and transport it in a tank. It can be seen from the above that the compressor is widely used, almost in all fields of the national economy.