Compressor air valve faults

2020-05-23 23:46:53 keepwin

Generally, the air valves installed in Fusheng air compressor are all automatic acting air valves. The automatic acting valve is opened under the action of the pressure difference in the compressor cylinder, suction pipe and exhaust pipe, and closed under the action of spring.

Besides closing the valve plate, the spring can also accelerate the closing action of the valve.

The opening of the valve plate is restricted by the lifting limiter.

Therefore, the correct assembly and installation of the air valve of the compressor can ensure the opening and closing of the valve plate according to the specified time of the design calculation and the gas channel section (valve plate lifting height).

Otherwise, it will cause air leakage, reduce productivity, shorten service life of valve plate or break.

A large amount of carbon accumulated on the valve assembly will reduce the area of gas channel, and measures shall be taken to prevent large amount of carbon accumulation.

Compressor  air valve faults

1. The suction valve and exhaust valve are installed reversely

When the suction valve and the exhaust valve are installed reversely, the gas distribution of the compressor will be confused, especially in the multi-stage press, if the air valve is installed reversely, the productivity will be reduced and a series of parts damage accidents will be caused.

In order to prevent reverse installation of the gas valve, attention should be paid to:

(1) Mark the non working surface of each suction valve and exhaust valve, especially the inlet and exhaust valves with similar external shape.

2. Valve damaged

The main reasons for the damage of valve parts (including valve plate, valve spring, etc.) are as follows:

Poor manufacturing quality (including heat treatment and machining);

Jamming and blocking due to improper assembly;

Fatigue damage of valve parts, etc.

After the valve is damaged, the fragments fall into the cylinder, resulting in a series of accidents such as roughening the cylinder, damaging the piston and piston ring.

At this time, there will be knocking sound in the cylinder. Stop the engine in time to eliminate the fault. In order to prevent accidental damage of valves, the following measures shall be taken:

(1) Carefully check the processing quality of valve parts.

(2) Assemble the valve assembly correctly.

(3) Operate the compressor normally.

(4) Check and repair the air valve regularly.

(2) Before installing the air valve into the cylinder, it is necessary to use a screwdriver to push the valve plate for several times to check whether the air inlet and outlet of the cylinder are correct.

In case of inlet valve, the screwdriver shall be able to open the valve plate from the outside of the valve; in case of exhaust valve, the screwdriver shall be able to open the valve plate from the inside of the valve.