Two Basic knowledge of air compressor oil erosion

2020-05-20 23:15:38 keepwin

The engine oil can separate the combination of the machine and the concrete and erode the foundation. Therefore, special attention should be paid to prevent oil leakage so as to eliminate a series of faults such as loose movement and vibration of foundation and unit.

Because the oil is easy to spread, when oil is found to leach along the edge of the compressor body base, it indicates that the crankcase leaks oil.

When the foundation is seriously corroded by engine oil, the compressor shall be lifted off the foundation, and the grouting shall be reinstalled after the failure is removed.

Most of the reasons for the oil leakage of the fuselage are caused by casting cracks or slag holes, slag holes and other defects. Therefore, the leakage test of the fuselage should be carried out before installation.

Two Basic knowledge of  air compressor oil erosion

The method is: Remove dirt and rust from the bottom of the fuselage, apply white powder, pad it with wood, install kerosene inside for leakage test, keep it for more than 4 hours, and no leakage or sweating is allowed.

If there is any leakage, it shall be repaired and retested for more than 8 hours until there is no leakage at all.

The common methods of repairing the body casting are as follows:

(1) Pig iron repair welding method: refer to "Dongfanghong tractor repair process manual.

(2) Method of cutting plug: used for repairing leakage of small hole.

(3) Method of adding blind plate: it is used for repairing large cracks.

In order to prevent oil from pouring into the foundation, it is better to build tiles around the body to let the oil flow away to protect the foundation.

When there is oil leakage on the middle body of the compressor and the stop of the fuselage, varnish or epoxy resin can be applied to prevent leakage.Or place a groove on the stop and a round oil-resistant rubber sealing ring to prevent oil leakage.

Foundation subsidence

Foundation subsidence, especially uneven subsidence, will cause the following serious consequences:

(1) Incline the horizontal slide, resulting in uneven wear;

(2) Make the support of the cylinder stiff or disengaged;

(3) The flow of lubricating oil is affected;

(4) Additional stresses on piping and appurtenances,

(5) Make the air of the motor uneven and affect the performance of the motor.

The observation method of foundation settlement is to embed rivets at four corners of the top surface of the foundation as the observation point.

From the benchmark of the factory, measure it with a spirit level, determine the elevation, record it, and carry out a retest comparison under the following circumstances:

Before installing the machine;

After installation of the machine;

After the test run of the newly installed unit;

At least once a year.

Each observation shall be recorded in detail, analyzed and compared to determine the degree and nature of foundation subsidence.

The uneven settlement of the foundation can be observed through the leveling points on the chassis around the fuselage.

The settlement observation point and leveling point shall be protected when not in use.

The causes of foundation subsidence are generally due to soil factors (such as serious water loss of macroporous soil), the impact of groundwater and quicksand, the poor drainage and drainage facilities around and the impact of other buildings.

Because it is a relatively complex problem, we should take corresponding measures after the investigation and research of various personnel.