Modularity of reciprocating positive displacement pumps

2020-06-09 03:00:38 keepwin

Reciprocating positive displacement pumps can be used to convey a wide variety of liquids in various industries and processes within a broad spectrum of pressure and performance because of their many advantages. Reciprocating positive displacement pumps are usually provided in a modular system with interchangeable pump components. Thus, they can be used by pump operators in an economically reasonable way to cover such a broad range of applications with complex requirements.

Pump construction kit

Flexible solutions can be configured with a modular construction kit. These construction systems allow the use of specific, customized parts in certain places in order to meet the special, individual requirements of the customer. At the same time, they allow the use of cost-effective serial parts for the rest of the pump to reduce construction and cost efforts.

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Figure 1: Modular system in the lower and medium performance class

Depending on market demand, pump kits are more or less extensive. It can be observed that kits for small pumps are generally larger than those in high performance classes. The reason for this is the higher number of small pump units sold. 

Despite the market of diaphragm metering pumps being comparatively small, it features a very wide variety of different technical solutions and products. Diaphragm metering pumps are used to convey flow rates from a few millimeters per hour all the way up to hundreds of cubic meters. Discharge pressures can range from a few millibar to well over a thousand bar. Without the highly sophisticated construction kits of reciprocating pumps, industrialization would not be thriving as much as it is in many chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, in the food industry or in the oil and gas industry.

Figure 1 shows examples of modular systems in the lower and medium performance class while figure 2 shows an example of a high performance class system.

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Figure 2: Modular system in the high performance class