Five kind of spanner tools for air compressor maintenance

2020-05-28 22:30:31 keepwin

1. Monkey wrench

The spanner is usually used to tighten or loosen the angle screw and nut. The structure of the monkey wrench is shown in the figure below, including handle, head fixed jaw, head movable jaw and adjusting worm.

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Before use, hold the wrench head with the right hand, clamp the worm to be twisted up and down with the thumb and index finger, and adjust the size of the movable jaw so that the size of the jaw matches the size of the rotating screw.

Then hold the adjusted jaw on the nut, grip the wrench handle, and tighten the nut clockwise with force, and loosen the nut anticlockwise.

2. Solid wrench

Open end spanner is also called open-end spanner. Its structure is shown in the figure below. The end of the spanner has a U-shaped opening, which is convenient to hold two sides of the bolt or nut.

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It has two kinds of single head and double head, the more commonly used one is double head, and the opening of each head has different sizes.

Solid spanner is mainly used to dismantle bolts or nuts of general standard specifications. Before use, first look at the size of the bolt or nut. Determine the wrench that meets the specification according to its size, then clamp the opening on the bolt and nut to be tightened or loosened, hold the wrench handle, and then pull the bolt or nut with force.

There are two kinds of solid spanners in common use, one set of 6 and one set of 8. Its applicable range is 6-24mm.

3. Socket wrench

The socket wrench is a combined tool. The utility model is composed of a box spanner and a bow handle, and the box spanner with different sizes is composed of a set of box spanners. Its structure is shown in the figure below.

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The socket wrench can be used according to the needs, and different specifications of sockets and various handles can be selected for combination. It is more convenient and practical to use the bolts and screws of the wrench in the small space, deep concave or inaccessible parts.

4. Allen wrench

The Allen wrench is shown in the figure below, which is generally used to install and remove the Allen screw.

air compressor maintenance

5. Integral wrench

There are square, hexagon, and twelve angle spanners, as shown in the figure below.

air compressor maintenance

Twelve angle spanner, also known as ring spanner, is the most widely used one-piece spanner. The two ends of the ring spanner are socket type circular ring. There are generally 12 edges and corners in the ring, which can completely enclose the hexagon part of the nut or bolt. It is not easy to slide off when working, and it is safe and reliable.

In particular, the utility model is similar to an open-ended wrench, especially for the nut and bolt where the disassembly part is limited.

There are two kinds of ring spanners, one set of 6 and one set of 8, which are commonly used in ring spanner 1. Their application range is 55-27mm.